Does Jamba Juice Hire At 14

How old are you gotta be to work at Jamba Juice?

Passion for the Jamba brand and enthusiasm for learning more about Jamba products and nutrition. Must be a minimum of 16 years of age.

How do I prepare for Jamba Juice interview?

  1. Arrive five minutes early.
  2. Don't speak too fast as you will sound nervous.
  3. Make good eye contact during the interview.
  4. Sit up straight during the interview.

Is Jamba an easy job?

Is Jamba an easy job? Easy job, good hours This is a good job for someone needing a flexible schedule. The work isn't very hard so it can often get very repetitive. However, management and other employees are nice so they make it enjoyable.

Is Jamba Juice a good first job?

It's a really great place to start off as a first time employee. There aren't any roles assigned just a lot of team work. Busy during the summer and usually dead around the winter. A fun place to work if you get along with the employees.

Can you have colored hair at Jamba Juice?

Can you have colored hair at Jamba Juice? 6 answers. You cannot have hair colored other than natural colors.

What skills do you need to work at Jamba Juice?

  • full-time availability.
  • computer literacy skills.
  • high school diplomas or equivalents.
  • In addition, college degrees or extensive management experience may prove necessary for GM roles.

How do you pass a Jamba Juice interview?

Just be yourself, they hire a variety of people no matter experience level 🙂 Be prepared. Go a few minutes early for the interview. Go in with a positive mindset and attitude.

Does Jamba Juice have two interviews?

It's the same as the 1st interview, but you should definitely be prepared for the 2nd interview as it is with the actual manager who determines if you are hired or not. This is your time to really show the manager who you are & why they should hire you! You will meet our General Manager and get to know one another.

Why do you want to work for Jamba Juice?

Why do you want to work at Jamba? Praise their concept. Say that you love smoothies and juices, and understand how they promote good health. Jamba is such a nice, good smelling colorful place.

How do you pass a pre interview?

  1. Understand Why You Are Being Given The Test. …
  2. Be Honest. …
  3. Take Test In Context. …
  4. Practice Ahead Of Time. …
  5. Step 1 - Sign up for practice assessments. …
  6. Step 2 - Get an understanding of what the employer is looking for. …
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