How To Use Meat Tenderizer Powder On Steak?

How To Use Meat Tenderizer Powder On Steak
How To Use Meat Tenderizer Powder On Steak

Cooking turns into art when the food becomes delicious. To make delicious and tempting food you just need to know the proper cooking process. A perfect step-by-step guide will help you a lot whenever you are cooking something new. A Perfect Guide For Kitchen Recipe Follow Natureleafkitchen.

Before cooking a dish, you will need to get all the necessary ingredients first. Every single ingredient has its secret ability to make the food flavorsome. Powdered meat tenderizer is also an important ingredient that is used before cooking. But you have to know how to use meat tenderizer powder on fresh-cut meats.

Not all the meat cuts are soft and tender. Premium and costly cuts of meat like strip steaks, and tenderloin steaks are flexible and easy to cook. But for harder meat cuts, you will either use a meat tenderizer or meat tenderizer powder to make the meat soft and chewy.

What Exactly Is Meat Tenderizer?

The fiber inside meat makes it harder and not easy to chew. It’s because of the protein inside the meat skin. But tenderizing powders are here to solve the issue and make the meat softer without using a meat tenderizer tool.

How To Use Meat Tenderizer Powder On Steak
How To Use Meat Tenderizer Powder On Steak?

The enzyme of the tenderizer powders plays the main role here. Most of the tenderizer powder we find on market contains an active ingredient and it’s the papain enzyme. Papain is a proteolytic enzyme that comes from plants. these enzymes help to shatter the protein of the meat cuts and make them softer and chewy. But at first, you have to know how to use meat tenderizer powder.

How does Meat Tenderizer Powder Work?

Tenderizer powder usually works just like the enzymes work on our bodies. Hand-powered tenderizer tools are used to get the tender and juiciness of meat by pounding them for a while. But the use of meat tenderizer powder lessens our physical efforts.

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The basic biochemistry of these powders decimates the proteins and the meat fibers. This process makes the meat soft, delicious, and flavourful so that you have to use more force to chew.

How To Use Meat Tenderizer Powder?

It may seem very easy to use tenderizer powder on your harder piece of meat cuts. But it’s a bit tactical matter. Without knowing the exact way, you can’t tenderize the meat and it will remain hard to chew after cooking.

However, you don’t need to take advice from a chef or worry about using how to use meat tenderizer powder for steaks or other thick pieces of meat. Follow the steps below to do it properly.

  1. First, you need to get a quality meat tenderizer powder. You can easily buy one online or at any local market near your home. Chefs Quality Meat Tenderizer is now a very trendy and most selling product for tenderizing.
  2. Now, you have to pierce with a fork on both sides of the meat. If you don’t pierce the meat, the enzyme won’t penetrate into the meat. Take the tenderizer powder to sprinkle all over the meat and rub them properly.
  3. Using lemon juice, apple juice, or soy sauce will bring a very sweet and sour flavor and help the enzyme to spread all over the meat. Some people use wine to get a different taste and these liquid marinades make the meat fully tender.
  4. To let the enzyme works perfectly wait for a few minutes. But don’t leave the meat for a long time won’t be effective either it’s a very thick steak.
  5. It’s time to cook the meat perfectly in limited heat. The heat of the oven also helps the enzyme to make the meat tender while cooking.

Best Meat Tenderizer Powders

There are lots of meat tenderizer powders you will find in the market or online shops. But do they are the best ones you are looking for? I have listed a few names of the best powders that most people are using. Let’s a have look at them:

Best Meat Tenderizer Powders
  1. Chefs Quality Meat Tenderizer: It’s my top pick because this product doesn’t include any MSG on it. This one is healthy and effective. Most chefs and cooks use this to tenderize the meat. But it gives a little bit of salty taste so you don’t need to add extra salts to the meat.
  2. Modern Products Tenderizer Magic: For both meat and veggies you can use this for tenderizing. Also, it’s good for health and flavourful. Various types of herbs, spices, Papain, and salt are blended properly on this. There is no fat and calories on it which makes it healthier. But tenderizer is a bit expensive.
  3. Shan Meat Tenderizer: For tenderizing any type of meat fast and effectively Shan Meat Tenderizer is the best. You will get the step-by-step instruction on the packet that will help you to do it easily. But the bad side is that it has allergens and is not suitable for every people.
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How to Tenderize Your Meat Manually?

To manually tenderize any type of tough muscle fiber, a meat mallet is the best option. This kitchen appliance is made with strong and heavier metal and wood. The wide front side and weight of the mallet help to distribute the pressure all over the meat accurately.

With a mallet, all you have to do is just pound the meat on both sides with physical strength. You can use soda bottles or thick heavy glass bottles instead of meat mallets.

However, don’t pound the meat for a long time. It won’t be effective and the meat will flatten. Pierce the meat with a fork before pounding and it will help to shatter the muscle fiber of the meat.

Final Words

If you follow the step-by-step process of how to use meat tenderizer powder from this article, you can easily cook juicy, tender, and flavourful meat. Cooking foods always requires a good knowledge of the process. After cooking for a long time if the food tastes delicious, you find inner peace and feel so good.

As I have mentioned before picking the right quality products, and ingredients is also a must. Buy one of the best tenderizer powders from the given list above and make the meat you’re desired to have.

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