What Happens When You Drink Orange Juice And Toothpaste

What does orange juice and brushing your teeth do?

Foods that are high in acids, including breakfast foods like orange juice, coffee, and grapefruit; can temporarily soften the enamel on your teeth. If you brush while your pearly whites are in this state, this can cause sensitivity, cosmetic damage, and pain.

How long should you wait to drink orange juice after brushing teeth?

Citric acid is extremely hard on your teeth. It's strong enough to weaken your enamel temporarily! If you find yourself craving that standard morning pick me up after brushing your teeth, resist temptation! If you wait at least 30 minutes, your teeth will thank you.

What happens if I brush my teeth and drink orange juice?

When you drink a glass of orange juice after brushing your teeth, not only will it taste bad, but you're putting acid and sugar directly onto your enamel. This allows plaque to form much more quickly. The acid will also weaken your enamel.

Is orange juice good for your teeth?

Natural fruit juices, such as citrus drinks like lemon juice, orange juice, or grapefruit juice, are good for your health but not so good for the teeth. Because these juices are acidic, they can degrade the tooth enamel fast. According to researchers, orange juice alone can reduce enamel hardness by about 85%.

Can I drink orange juice after I brush my teeth?

While it's chock full of vitamins and minerals, it's not the best thing to drink after brushing your teeth. That's because it's both highly acidic and full of sugar. This combination could spell disaster for your teeth if you regularly drink a glass after brushing.

How long after drinking orange juice should you brush your teeth?

To avoid the unpleasant taste of orange juice and toothpaste: Eat and drink first, then brush your teeth. Just keep in mind that you should wait about 60 minutes after eating/drinking any citrus foods before brushing to avoid damaging your teeth's enamel.

What happens if you brush your teeth before drinking orange juice?

The strange, bitter taste of orange juice after brushing your teeth can be attributed to the sodium laureth sulfate (SLS) in the paste. SLS is sometimes abbreviated as SLES, for sodium lauryl ether sulfate. These ingredients are known as surfactants, which are also found in shampoos and detergents.

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