What Is Jungle Juice Platinum

What’s the difference between Rush and Jungle Juice?

Description. Jungle Juice contains amyl nitrite, and that's what does the trick. Amyl delivers a smooth, warm and gradual yet completely overwhelming and powerful experience. This Jungle feeling is quite unlike the sharp, temporary rush you get from isobutyl or cyclohexyl nitrites.

Is Jungle Juice nail polish remover?

JUNGLE JUICE PLATINUM Jumbo 1oz Size Nail Polish Remover.

What is Jungle Juice Blue?

This big, bright blue bath of cocktail contains tequila, coconut rum, Everclear, lemonade, lemon lime soda, Blue Curaçao, and simple syrup. Throw plenty of sliced oranges, lemons and raspberries in the bowl for an extra fusion of fruitiness. Less. Tipsy Bartender. Lemonade Cocktails.

What is Jungle Juice Black Label?

The Jungle Juice Black Label is a great leather/solvent cleaner. This is a versatile cleaner that can be used for both heavy duty and delicate cleaning jobs. Always remember - poppers are not for personal use/abuse.

Is Rush a good popper?

The Rush brand is known for its extremely pure products, we recommend them to experienced users who are eager for intense sensations. In fact, all the reviews agree that every Rush poppers is a very powerful aphrodisiac or euphoric liquid!

What is Jungle Juice Premium?

Jungle Juice Premium is a big flask of 24 ml, reserved for the regular users. This aphrodisiac awakens the most hidden senses, frees the sexual impulses, and stimulates the desire, while allowing to get rid of its inhibitions. Jungle Juice Premium is a big flask of 24 ml, reserved for the regular users.

What is the flavor of jungle juice?

Jungle Juice flavor is a concoction of sweet grape & watermelon with a light menthol taste. The outcome is a delicious taste that keeps craving for more.

Can you get drunk off jungle juice?

These questions should be running through your head every time drinking is part of your context, but especially when that drinking involves the consumption of jungle juice. "Lightweight" or "heavyweight", if you chug this excessive amount of alcohol in a short span, you will be extremely intoxicated.

What is jungle juice slang for?

noun. a slang name for alcoholic liquor, esp home-made liquor.

What is Jungle Juice Max used for?

Coming from one of the best recognized brands on the market of isobutyl nitrite solvent cleaners, Jungle Juice Max 10ml packs all the heat and potency that you might want from the solvent cleaner that you use to clean clocks, leather and other precious items that you might happen to have at home.

Whats the meaning of jungle juice?

noun. : a homemade or improvised alcoholic beverage. especially : one concocted by military personnel. apt to be brewing on the ship fifteen different batches of jungle juice T. O. Heggen.

What’s Jungle Juice Platinum?

Jungle Juice Platinum is a unique blend that reaches 98% purity and as a result, is incredibly strong and intense. Jungle Juice is a Canadian brand, which has made the Jungle Juice Platinum its best seller since its release in the 1980s. This is the most wanted poppers in Europe.

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