Who Is The Pineapple Juice Guy

What is Patty Mayo safe word?

patty mayo my safe word is pineapple | TikTok Search.

What is the safe word pineapple from?

Pineapple and pineapples-number three and five, respectively-were made famous as safe words during comedian Kevin Hart's standup routine.

Is pineapple a common safe word?

After asking 1,300 adults for their go-to safe word, the survey found the most commonly used word to be "red", followed by "pineapple", "banana", "orange", and "peach". The words "apple", "vanilla", "yellow", "blue" and "unicorn" also made the top ten.

How do you create a safe word?

  1. It should be short and simple (1 word, 2 words max!). It's a safe word, not a safe sentence!
  2. It should mean something to your relationship. …
  3. It should be used sparingly. …
  4. It doesn't always have to be used in a tense moment.
22 Sept 2020

What is a family safe word?

A family safe word is a code term that you, as a family, decide and use as a safety measure. The point of the family safe word is that it is for the immediate family only and is there to help keep our children stay safe.

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