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best twin gear juicer

People can get confused while buying a juicer either for business motives or personal needs. As a newbie, if you want nutritious fresh drinks for a healthy lifestyle, you will feel the hassle to choose the best juicing equipment. 

If you are ready to spend a fair amount of money, there’s nothing better than a twin gear juicer for the best quality juice. The innovative device adopts the concept of triturating juicer. 

This means the juicer can crush, grind, and pound fresh fruits, leafy greens, and vegetables into fine particles.

The best twin gear juicer can provide you with many more features than just serving as a typical juicer for fruits and veggies. So, let’s dig a bit deeper into the details of our chosen products. And, try to reveal what features make these products unique from the others.

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Quick Overview

In a hurry? No worries. Here’s a quick overview of our top 9 favorite picks. We’ve picked out the main selling points to help you understand which product is best for which features. 

1.     Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Masticating Juicer – multi-functional twin gear juicer with food processing and grinding functions that do a lot more with many health benefits.

2.     Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Twin Gear Juicer – Juicer made out of solid polycarbonate material and featured with exclusive technology is sure to guarantee you a long-term service.

3.     Tribest Greenstar Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer – Powerful slow masticating juicer that operates at 110 RPM to maintain the best quality of your ingredients without getting clogged or twisted.

4.      Tribest GS-P501-B Greenstar Pro Jumbo Juice Extractor –  Unique-designed stainless steel gear is ready to tackle most stringy vegetables.

5.     Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Juice Extractor – A pretty good versatile juicer along with a simple design makes it flexible kitchen equipment.

6.     Tribest GS-1000 Greenstar Original Twin Gear Masticating Juice Extractor – Excellent kitchen appliance if you want something reliable for family members.

7.    Omega TWN30S Twin Masticating JuicerThis juicer is best for soft and hard food and is also equipped with a low-sound motor.

8.     Tribest GSE-5000R-B Juice Extractor – Say goodbye to monotonous traditional juicers that use single gears and centrifugal blades to extract juices when you get this fantastic juice squeezer.

9.    Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer – Affordable twin gear juicer equipped with magnetized bioceramic technology for better juice extraction without oxidation and nutrition loss.

9 Best Twin Gear Juicers In 2021

1. Omega J8006HDS Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

Juicing up wheatgrass or leafy greens is not so simple. This masticating process is much more complex than juicing up fruits and succulent vegetables. 

You would need a suitable juicer to process those thin green leaves while preserving the most nutrients. That’s where the Omega J8006HDS masticating juicer comes in handy!

With 80 RPM low speed, this juicer reduces heat build-up, oxidation, and enzyme breakdown. That means you can store juices for more days.

Whether you’re health-obsessed or need one for regular use, the Omega twin gear juicer can be an incredible addition. 

It also improves gut health, helps to reduce weight, and gives you a high nutritional value.

In addition, the sleek appearance and lightweight design make it more enjoyable to operate, thanks to the reduction in the total weight.

Highlighted Features

  • The mastication speed is 80 rotations per minute.
  • Supports from juicing fruits to grinding coffee beans.
  • Five settings on the customizable end cap.
  • Dual-stage powerful 2HP motor.
  • The automatic pulp ejection process.


  • Maximum juice yield with dry pulp.
  • Versatile and lightweight juicer.
  • Slow enough for better quality.
  • High-quality juices help to boost immunity.
  • Store juices for three days without any degradation.


  • Prolonged use of the motor generates heat.
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Undoubtedly, this one is a worthwhile investment if you’re in search of a versatile twin gear masticating juicer. Thanks to helpful features and robust build, this product is worth every penny you invest in it.

Whether it’s for processing peanut butter, grinding coffee beans, or mincing herbs, the Omega twin gear juicer is unrivaled in almost all aspects.

2. Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite Twin Gear Juicer Amazon

Not just for personal purposes, Tribest Greenstar Elite is also an excellent twin gear juicer for business motives. 

According to their manufacturers, the juicer can produce 35% more juices while compared to regular juice extractors.

This twin gear juicer from Tribest is now one of the best juicing appliances in the market with incredible features and modern technology. 

The 110-V powerful motor and slow speed will give you the best outcome from the ingredients.

It allows you to tackle a wide variety of applications without clogging and jamming. All thanks go to the adjustable pulp ejection mechanism. 

So, whether you want to utilize this gear as a grinding machine, food processor, or even juicer, it’s always ready to serve even under acute conditions.

Furthermore, this appliance combines magnetic and bioceramic technology to help extract a highly nutritious juice. And, produces thick and tasty juices with the jumbo two gear interlocking mechanism in a three-stage juicing process.

Thus, if you’re someone who can’t be easily satisfied, the green star elite juicer is something that you should try.

Highlighted Features

  • Bioceramic and magnetic technology.
  • Integrates a sure-grip handle for easy carrying.
  • A built-in pressure adjustment mechanism.
  • Three-stage complete mastication system.
  • Uses a powerful motor with a speed of 110 RPM.


  • Elegant design and versatile.
  • Straightforward cleaning process.
  • The juice can stay fresh for up to 72 hours.
  • Quick and easy assembling.
  • More efficient function without clogging and jamming.


  • Highly expensive.
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For those who want a twin gear juicer with advanced features and long-term use, it can’t get any better than this Greenstar Elite Twin Gear Juicer.

If you’re an enthusiast or merely want a perfect kitchen appliance, it’s undeniably something to use.

3. Tribest Greenstar Cold Press Complete Masticating Slow Juicer

It is assuredly one of the best-looking models in this juicer review. Along with a sleek, streamlined, and lightweight design, this is a device that’ll surely win your mind.

Adopting magnetic and bioceramic twin gears will produce the highest and freshest quality of juices while preserving enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. 

Consequently, it eliminates nutrient degradation and ensures more prolonged shelf life.

These 110 rotations per minute slow cold press juicers maintain the quality of your ingredients. So you can get the most health benefits through your regular drinks. 

With an innovative design, and a list of valuable features, the Greenstar masticating juicer is what can embellish your kitchen area with great functionality and elegance. 

Even if you want to make nut or frozen sorbets, this juicer comes with homogenizing accessories to expand your field of work.

Enjoy fresh juices with good taste thanks to the powerful pulp ejection features and three-stage mastication process in this juicer.

Highlighted Features

  • Slow juicing with 110 RPM speed.
  • Reverse function mode.
  • Homogenizing screen.
  • Precise cutting blades.
  • High juice production with magnetic and bioceramic technology.


  • Improved shelf life.
  • A three-stage operation for a good outcome.
  • Great versatility with homogenizing accessories.
  • Minimal oxidation and noise-free function.


  • Sometimes, the screen and corner areas are a bit problematic to clean.
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Getting all-in-one features from a juicer is not an easy thing. But, Tribest Greenstar has somehow gained it with its plethora of advanced features and innovative design.

Despite its plastic construction, this multi-purpose masticating juicer is sufficient to tackle hard food processing.

4. Tribest GS-P501-B Greenstar Pro Jumbo Juice Extractor

Tribest Greenstar Pro Jumbo Juicer is an excellent option who’s looking for a juicer that can juice everything you put through the feed chute, 

This GSE pro jumbo is a quality juicer that perfectly squeezes each last drop out of a wide variety of vegetables and fruits. You can even get an easy juicing process without getting it jammed or clogged.

The unique-designed stainless steel gear is prepared to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from almost all kinds of fruits and vegetables, ranging from hard vegetables to pungent fiber foods. So, a lot of options are available for you.

This twin gear juicer reduces the chances of oxidation, prevents nutrient degradation, and results in preserving the most valuable enzymes and vitamins. 

So, if you plan to start a fitness journey, the pocket-recesses and cutting-edge technology of this juicer will meet all your essential needs.

Highlighted Features

  • Robust stainless steel construction ensures longevity.
  • An advanced impeller press with 110 RPM rotational speed.
  • Designed to give you the best performance.


  • It lasts many years even with regular use.
  • Multi-purpose juicer.
  • Minimal oxidation and nutrient breakdown.
  • Convenient cleaning process.


  • Slightly heavier compared to other juice extractors.
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Thanks to their innovative design, the juicers produce little or no oxidation for very low speeds. Thus, resulting in more extended shelf life.

If you’re a beginner in making juices or processing various food items, we would like to suggest this masterpiece.

5. Tribest Jumbo Twin Gears GS-P502 Greenstar Pro Juice Extractor

Powerful performance and multi-functional features perfectly define this GS-P502 juicer from Tribest. Moreover, you can always stay assured of quality as it combines magnetic and bioceramic technology to provide you fresh and better-tasting juices.

Unlike other average juicers, it takes little time to clean up. This is because the parts are easily removable, and an automatic pulp ejection system is included. You can conveniently do the washing procedure.

With low speed and a powerful ultra-quiet motor, you’ll never get confused with its performance. 

Highlighted Features

  • Best for home and commercial uses.
  • Included black screen.
  • Tamper holder for easy access.
  • Protection from jamming with reverse function.


  • Perfect for plenty of juice.
  • Removable gears and adjustable pressure knob.
  •  Easy cleanup from tiny or cramped areas.


  • Slightly expensive.
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This GS-P502 Tribest jumbo juicer is undeniably a good pick if you need something powerful to tackle heavy-duty applications.

It’s a pretty good versatile option and can squeeze a variety of vegetables or fruits, making it a flexible kitchen arsenal.

6. Tribest GS-1000 Greenstar Original Twin Gear Masticating Juice Extractor

Are you looking for something you need to make a healthy lifestyle for your whole family? Well, this Tribest GS-1000 will best fit your needs.

From squeezing wheatgrass or leafy greens to grinding spices to processing salsa, everything will be easy and swift with this Tribest juicer.

With stainless steel HD twin gears and bioceramic magnetic technology, it stores maximum nutrition and reduces oxidation. Consequently, you can preserve the juice in your fridge for up to 48 hours.

Three complete mastication stages are used to produce fine particles from various kinds of fruits and vegetables.

All in all, this one is an excellent juicer to purchase if you want a reliable kitchen appliance for your family members.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes customizable pressure knob.
  • Quick setup with automatic pulp ejection.
  • Adopts bioceramic and magnetic technology.
  • Solid and elegant design.


  • Minimizes oxidation and nutrient degradation.
  •  Produced juice will be fresh in the fridge for up to 4 days.
  • Retains a substantial amount of minerals.
  • Built to last a long time.


  • Time-consuming cleaning procedure.
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When it comes to classic design and good value, you can’t get any better than this juicer.

The advanced features and easy maintenance will give you a perfect amount of juice from fresh produce.

7. Omega TWN30S Twin Masticating Juicer

Omega is a reliable name for masticating juicers and is an excellent choice for nutrition enthusiasts. Owing to its unprecedented industry-leading performance for more than 15 years, Omega is now a renowned brand that supplies its products in over 120 states.

With 160 RPM at low speed and 110-120 V, this TWN30S twin masticating juicer is ready to juice hard fruits and stringy vegetables. Plus, this massive power helps you grind coffee beans, process nuts, and even make pasta or spices.

Thanks to the automatic pulp ejection system and lock-latch, you don’t need to invest much time in installation and maintenance. Also, it weighs just 18 pounds, which results in convenient handling.

What’s more, this juicing appliance comes with a coarse and fine screen that makes it more versatile. A coarse screen aids you to make juices with high pulp, while the fine attachment is for optimum juice extraction with less pulp.

This masticating juicer packs four feet stabilizers and a secure-grip handle. So there is no chance of sudden slippage from your hand.

Highlighted Features

  • Solid stainless steel gear built to serve you for a long time.
  • Slow 160 RPM rotation speed that prevents heat build-up.
  • Fine and coarse juicing screens are added to the package.
  • Built-in sure-grip handle.
  • 2HP motor is enough to break down strong fibers.


  • Juice retains natural flavor even after keeping it in the fridge.
  • Sophisticated function for heavy tasks.
  • Built to provide multiple usages.
  • Reduces nutrient loss by delaying oxidation.


  • The manufacturer doesn’t allow it to supply outside North America.
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For health-conscious people who love to maintain a precise diet chart, Omega TWN30S is a must-have item.

It not only helps maintain the natural beauty of your skin but also improves your immunity.

8. Tribest GSE-5000R-B Juice Extractor

This GSE juice extractor from Tribest is specially designed to take your juicing game to an advanced level with its outstanding versatile features.

Unlike other regular juice extractors, the GSE twin auger juicer is packed with three-stage juicing technology. 

Now there is no need to chop stuff such as spinach, celery, kale, or stringy vegetables. This juicer packs two revolutionary stainless steel gears to cut them into small pieces.

Besides all the perks of getting an efficient juicing performance and maximum nutrients from the ingredients, this juicer is also simple to clean.

Embrace a convenient and trouble-free healthy life with Tribest GSE-5000R-B Juice Extractor!

Highlighted Features

  • Homogenizing accessories are included.
  • Three-phase mastication system.
  • Anti-stain nylon construction.
  • Slow stainless steel blades with 110 RPM speed.
  • Excellent outcome on about anything you give inside.


  • Dishwasher safe and convenient to clean.
  • Easily removable parts.
  • Minimal nutrient degradation.
  • There is no compromise in quality.


  • This machine is relatively large and heavy in weight.
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Say goodbye to monotonous traditional juicers that use single gears and centrifugal blades to extract juices when you get this leading-edge juice squeezer.

This innovative gear adopts various futuristic features that can make it the ultimate choice. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newcomer in the juicing game or a technology addict.

9. Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer

Green Power KPE1304 Twin Gear Juicer is a budget-friendly twin gear masticating juicer. 

With 160 RPM low speed and 60-decibel super-quiet motor, this green power juicer provides you unprecedented performance. 

Since it functions at a low speed, the ingredients are always well-mixed. As a result, the juice is high in vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals, along with a natural taste.

When it comes to versatility, from making dessert items to processing pasta, all can be possible with this fabulous piece of gear. 

Magnetized and bioceramic technologies are included for maximum extraction without oxidation and nutrition loss.

The parts are removable and can be washed with the cleaning brush, which you can get with other accessories. 

This juicer is crafted with ceramic and plastic materials, allowing you to use it for juicing up fruits, vegetables, leafy greens, wheatgrass, baby food, mochi, and much more.

Highlighted Features

  • User-friendly product as it’s constructed of recyclable components.
  • A high amount of juice production due to magnetic and bioceramic technology.
  • Made of ceramic and plastic materials.
  • 160 RPM low-speed powerful twin auger impeller.
  • Only 60 dB ultra-quiet operation.


  • Oxidation is delayed up to 72 hours.
  • The convenient and quick cleaning process.
  • Super lightweight design.
  • Production of less pulp.


  • The build quality needs to be upgraded.
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Suffice to say that if you’re looking for an affordable option with adequate features, Green Power Twin Gear Juicer is an excellent choice.

You might get annoyed about the construction material. But its advantages will make a big difference. We would suggest this juicer for all juice lovers.

Buying Guide For Best Twin Gear Juicer

If you want to purchase a suitable twin gear juicer, you should pay attention to some crucial features. To help you make an easy and quick decision, we’ve mentioned some must-have criteria in the section below. So, let’s take a look at which points you might need to consider:

Design & Weight

When looking at the design of twin gear juicers, you can get them in two different formats. These are horizontal and vertical.

Horizontal Vs. Vertical

In general, a horizontal juicer involves two press rollers that operate in a horizontal direction. Apart from juicing, a horizontal design is a perfect choice if you plan to purchase a juicer for other non-juicing operations. However, when it comes to juicing, it takes a bit longer than vertical juicers.

A juicer with a vertical design is featured with a press roller and knife to crush the ingredients into fine pieces. Generally, it comes with a wide feed chute or standard size chute. And it provides the best possible function while extracting leafy greens.

So, if we try to make a fair comparison between horizontal and vertical design, a horizontal juicer is much more qualified than a vertical design. 

Size & Form Factor

The size of a twin gear juicer entirely depends on your needs. If you own a sizable space on your kitchen counter, a big juicer will be alright. 

Also, you need to check that your juicer can hold a decent volume of juice without any hassle.

You can get to know the base size of your juicer through the form factor. Generally, the base size varies from 8 to 10 inches. So, the choice should be made based on usage purposes.

Feed Chute Size

The feeder tube size is something you must consider. The larger the feed chute, the more conveniently you can put the ingredients. 

Also, an adequate tube size helps you to push the food through the tube with ease.

Motor Power & Speed

A high-watt motor means massive power, which can operate a juicer with the most energy. Consequently, you don’t need to put much pressure to handle it.

The speed of a twin gear juicer is measured by the RPM method. A lower value in RPM speed can provide you the best nutritional value in the juice.

Nutrient Extraction & Retention Capacity

The amount of air trapped in food while juicing determines what amount of nutrients get degraded. Thus, if the chances of air trapping can be reduced, it’ll provide an outstanding nutritional value.

Generally, juice extracted from twin gear juicers can be retained for up to 4 or 5 days.

Pulp Ejection Capacity

If you have an outer pulp collection basket, you don’t have to stop the juice extraction to transfer once it’s full. You should know the capacity of the pulp ejection bin before making your purchase.

User-Friendliness & Efficiency

The mechanism of twin gear juicers is complex enough as it is. So ensuring that the device is easy to use has to be a top entry in your checklist. Here are some ways you can judge juicer efficiency.

Easy Assembly

Having a twin gear juicer with a convenient installation process should be on the priority list. In addition, ensure your juicer parts are more accessible to separate and install.


Usually, a twin gear juicer comes with four feet reinforcement. Also, some models integrate a tight-grip and robust handle for easy holding.


Some juicers can make an awful sound while blending. Therefore, it would be best to check the sound of the juicer motor before purchasing.


It’ll help if you choose a juicer with an automatic reverse function to avoid jamming or clogging.

Easy Cleanup

Who wants to waste a lot of time cleaning? Juicers with quick removable parts can be an easy solution for this.

Peripheral Accessories & Versatility

You may notice most popular brands come with a coarse screen, fine juicing mesh, and homogenizing attachments to enhance juicing facilities.

That being said, if you’re the kind of person who loves to do new experiments with his juicer, this feature is essential to evaluate.

Build Quality

Since you’re investing a vast amount of money in it, it’s better to go for a suitable juicer with a sturdy build that can serve you for a long time.

BPA Free

The BPA-free sign on a twin gear juicer performs as a reassurance that the gear is entirely safe to use for drinking purposes. 

Exposure of BPA to the human body can cause serious health effects and hamper natural body functions. 

Thus, you should go for a juice extractor made of BPA-free stainless steel or plastic material.

Bio-Ceramic Steel

The bio-ceramic stainless steel material inside a twin gear juicer utilizes the kinetic energy of rotating augers to crush all organic materials into fine pieces. 

As a result, the oxidation process is delayed, and your juices will remain fresh for a prolonged time.

Stainless Steel

Generally, twin gear juicers are made of stainless steel, polycarbonate, or plastic. 

Compared to plastic material, a juicer made of steel material will last more years. However, it’s up to you to decide which one you feel comfortable with.

Dishwasher Safe

Most masticating juicers are dishwasher safe except for the motor part. Any appliance that’s safe for the dishwasher is undoubtedly a wise choice. 

This is because you can perform a trouble-free and fast cleanup. All you need to do is separate the gear parts, rub with a brush, and rinse them using mild soap and water.

What Is A Twin Gear Juicer?

Twin gear juicer or triturating juicer is one of the best devices in the juicing industry. This juice extractor is loaded with two stainless steel gears that rotate towards the inside with an immaculate hairline gap of about 0.1 mm accuracy.

Unlike regular food processors, a twin gear juicer adopts a slow mastication process to extract the most nutrients from the greens. 

With the top twin gear juicer, you’ll never be let down with the quality as it’s engineered to provide the maximum yield, nutrition, and shelf life.
Not only this it reduces oxidation and enzyme breakdown resulting in longer shelf life also. 

These slow juicers attain an optimum speed of 80-200 RPM. It will help you get each drop of juice from the produce you fed in the tube and crush the entire pulp into the fine particles.

In a nutshell, if the price doesn’t make a big difference and you always want some fresh and healthy drinks, a twin gear masticating juicer is undoubtedly a good deal.

How Does A Twin Gear Juicer Work?

The entire juicing process utilizes two gear interlocking technology in three different stages to extract the highest amount of juice with more nutrients. These three stages go like this –

Firstly, the ingredients are delivered through the top unit of twin gear juicers. 

Secondly, it is pushed down to enter the twin gear system, where the crushing stage starts.

The crushed particles are passed down through the length of the gear to the finished part, where the squeezing process will be executed.

Lastly, the produced juice and pulp are then extracted using a juicing screen.

What Makes A Twin Gear Juicer Better Than The Others?

The twin gear juicers are best in features and stand out for one fundamental reason, which is undoubtedly two augers. 

These twin gear juicers are efficient enough in squeezing more nutritious juice out of fresh fruits and veggies than any single auger juicer.

They work at a low speed of 80 to 160 RPM, ensuring that more vitamins are being stored and even less air is entangled in the food particles. You can even get very high dry pulps for almost all types of juices. 

On the other hand, single gear juicers work at a shallow speed from 40 to 80 RPM, which is not good enough to obtain a thick juice.

As we know, three different types of juicers are usually used for juicing. They are- Twin gear, single gear juicer, and centrifugal juicer. 

If you prefer a high-speed mastication process, the centrifugal juicer is the right choice.

When it comes to knowing the winner of twin gear juicer vs masticating juicer, twin gear may be the ultimate choice for its high yield, more nutrients, extended storage life, and absolute versatility.

A twin gear juicer can produce 15% to 34% more juice compared to masticating juicers. That is simply because the masticating juicer uses a single gear, while twin gears use two stainless steel augers to squeeze the juices.

Benefits Of Using A Twin Gear Juicer

The two stainless steel gears in twin gear juicer grind inwardly using a unique cutting method. This crushes the cellulose walls and allows the nutrients and vitamins to be preserved in the colloidal state, making them more attainable to the body.

Let’s take a look at some of their exciting benefits:

The Juice Looks and Tastes Much Better

The twin gear juicer can produce juice with less oxidation and anti-foaming features, resulting in excellent quality and better-tasting juices. This type of juice even tastes fresh as it prevents excessive heat generation and restores most nutrients.

You Can Extract a Lot More Nutrients

Twin gear juicer works at a low level of speed with less heat, preserving more native enzymes and vitamins in the juice. So whether you put hard vegetables, leafy greens, soft vegetables, or juicy fruits, they’ll produce the best quality of juices out of them.

Get a Higher Juice Yield With Better Concentration

You’ll never be disappointed with yield, quality, consistency, and value when you’re using a twin gear masticating juice extractor. This gear is designed to guarantee you the best juicing performance.

Use It For Other Features Than Just Making Juice

This type of juicer can also be used for a lot of other features than only making juice. For example, you can utilize them for grinding baby foods, frozen sorbets, and nut butter. In addition, some come with an innovative option, allowing you to process foods like salsa and pasta. 

Drawbacks Of Using A Twin Gear Juicer

Not every product can always be an all-rounder. And the same is true for twin gear juicers.

User Get Annoyed for Slow Speed & Long Preparation Time

Centrifugal juicers reach around 3000 to 10,000 RPM at very high speed, while twin gear juicers operate at a low speed ranging from 80 to 160 RPM. Therefore, the juice extraction process is pretty slow in twin masticating juicers than high-speed juicers. 

So naturally, it’ll take more time to get the job done. You may get annoyed through the whole process and time-consuming operation. 

More Expensive than Regular Single Gear Juicers

A twin masticating juicer is undoubtedly an expensive gadget. So, people who are ready to invest a good amount of money can go for those juicers. However, some avoid it just for its high price and prefer other regular juicers.

Heavy & Hard To Clean

If you’re looking for a light juicer with simple maintenance, then a twin gear juicer is not your thing. 

With weight ranges from 13 to 30 pounds, these juicers are much heavier compared to regular juicers. And this can sometimes be a challenge when it comes to cleaning the build-up of the juicer.

Question 1. How do I clean a twin gear juicer?

Answer: After long-term use, you may observe some mineral deposits on the surface of twin gears. This type of deposit can be eliminated in two different ways. For that, either pass some soaked almonds throughout the machine or soak the damaged parts overnight with a vinegar liquid. 

Another simple way for cleaning is to separate the pieces and scrub them with a subtle brush and mild soap. If you want to reduce extra hassle while cleaning, you need to make sure that your juicers can be easily separated and use an automatic pulp ejection process. 

Also, it would be best to have an adjustable screen. Finally, while cleaning the motor base unit, you should wipe the surface with a wet cloth and dry it using a clean cloth.

Question 2. Do I need good arm strength for using a twin gear juicer?

Answer: Generally speaking, you might need to give a fair amount of pressure with a twin gear juicer as they feature slow speed and two gears. Also, instead of just dropping the fruits in the juicer and pressing the switch, you might have to make your hands a bit dirty since they’re less automatic compared to centrifugal juicers.

However, this doesn’t prove that you need sturdier forearms to make a good quality juice. Buying a juicer with a press is best for a smooth juicing experience. If you intend to use slow press juicers and want to get excellent output, you have to accept a bit of inconvenience.

Question 3. What do I do with the pulp from the twin gear juicer?

Answer: If the leftover pulp is from celery, onion, carrot, garlic, or other vegetables, you can smoothly transform this juice pulp into flavorful vegetable broth. You just have to cook the juice pulp in a big pot with a bit of olive oil, add your favorite herbs, and a suitable amount of water till the mixture is boiled.

Question 4. Can I juice leafy greens using twin gear juicers?

Answer: Undoubtedly, you can juice leafy greens using twin gear juicers. However, twin gear juicers are best known for their versatility. From salsa, pasta to fruits, nuts, veggies, leafy greens, you can extract anything using the best masticating juicer.

Question 5. How long does the juice made with a twin gear juicer last?

Answer: Typically, the juices made with twin gear juicers can last up to 4-5 days. Since it minimizes oxidation and prevents air from getting stuck in the food, you’ll get fresh juice with a longer shelf life. Just pour the juice into a glass container and store them in the fridge.

Question 6. What is a black screen on a twin gear juicer?

Answer: A black or homogenizing screen is an essential option in a twin gear juicer. You can usually find it on expensive high-end juicers.
While coarse screens are best for producing thick juices and smoothies, the black screen is suitable if you plan to crush nut butter or frozen fruit sorbets. It’ll provide you with a creamy and consistent texture.

Question 7. How do I clean clogged holes of the twin gear juicer screens?

Answer: To clean the clogged holes of the twin gear juicer screens, you need to soak the area of screens in a blend of baking soda and water overnight. The ratio should be Soda: Water = 2:8. It’ll help to ease the scaling, and most of it can be rubbed with bristles. Yet you can use a solution of vinegar and citric acid in a 1:3 ratio to clean clogged holes.

Question 8. Are twin gear juicers easy to clean?

Answer: There are somewhat mixed reviews when it comes to washing the twin gear juicers. Well, the post-juicing cleaning process is undeniably laborious. However, since you already have your juice, all of your inspiration can be quickly gone. 
Therefore, it would be helpful to have juicers with automatic pulp ejection systems and removable screens. Furthermore, it’s better to choose a juicer that’s convenient to separate.

Question 9. What is surgical-grade steel in a twin gear juicer? Can it improve the flavor?

Answer: Twin gear juicers use surgical-grade 316 stainless steel that is best to provide long-term service, additional strength to the gears, and anti-corrosion features. With high-grade SUS316 stainless steel housing, it’ll give you everything that one would expect from a juicer.

Using surgical-grade stainless steel must improve the quality of juice extractors. Since they won’t corrode or rust, it enhances shelf life rather than the taste of the juices.

However, many users claimed that twin gear juicers produce flavorful juices due to the surgical grade steel, while the regular stainless steel juicers don’t make better-tasting juices.

Question 10. What is the typical speed of a twin gear juicer?

Answer: The typical speed at which twin gear juicers operate ranges from 80 to 160 rotations per minute. This low-speed range is crucial because the slower motion of the gears results in less oxidation. As a result, it eliminates the enzyme breakdown and retains most of the nutrients in the juice.

Now It’s All Up To You!

Like we’ve mentioned earlier, the market is covered with several twin gear juicers. So, selecting the best one to suit your needs can be challenging. 

This article has got you covered with our top 9 choices, including the best twin gear juicer to help you make the right decision.

Ensure that your chosen product is capable enough to suit all of your needs. A bit of research during a purchase can save you from wasting valuable money on useless gadgets. 

To help you in this case, we’ve also included a buying section and answers to some commonly asked questions.

Hopefully, you would end up purchasing a perfect juicer that can fulfill your health needs. 

Happy healthy journey with twin gear juicer!

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Funny and Friendly. Got a lot of time to cook and do experiment in cooking. Also Health-conscious try different types of juice for a healthy life.
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