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How to Juice an Orange Without a Juicer? (In Easy 4 Ways)

How to Juice an Orange Without a Juicer
How to Juice an Orange Without a Juicer

Orange juice is extremely refreshing. A glass of orange juice made from fresh oranges always tastes amazing. Juicers are fairly cheap in the market. Yet, knowing how to juice an orange without a juicer can help you out when in a pinch.

My friends and I went camping recently. After hiking for a long while we reached the campsite. We had a couple of oranges and everyone wanted to drink orange juice. But no one brought a manual juicer.

Unfortunately, no one knew how to juice without a juicer. We had to eat oranges as it is instead of turning them into juice. Have you ever faced the same situation? Fret not, you are in the right place! Learn to make juice anytime, anywhere!

Benefits Of Orange Juice

Orange is a vastly popular fruit. The amount of nutrition and vitamins this fruit provides is amazing. Apart from the normal breeds, commercial breeds have added Vitamin D and Calcium. Oranges and orange juice are the same. Neither of them provides anything extra.

Benefits Of Orange Juice

Oranges are rich in antioxidants which inhibit oxidation. The fruit is also helpful to prevent kidney stones by increasing the pH of urine. Orange juice helps in fighting against chronic diseases and lessens inflammation.

All in all, the benefits of orange juice are just too many to list. Even doctors and health consultants advise drinking orange juice periodically.

Juicing Orange Without A Juicer

A juicer is a culinary tool tailored to create juice from raw ingredients. You can think of it as a blender as well. However, you will only get the near-best results when using a juicer and not a blender.

Juicers are inexpensive. You can find decent juicers for a couple of bucks only. With juicers, you’ll need to use a mesh strainer to filter out only the juice from the mix.

Preparing the Oranges

Oranges can be prepared beforehand to get the most juice out of them. While it is not absolutely to do these before juicing oranges, we would advise you to do so. These steps can be repeated on most other fruits as well.

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Before you start, make sure to pick the freshest oranges available at your disposal. Fresh oranges have more active pulps. This makes the juicing process smoother.

Nowadays, oranges bred specifically for juicing purposes are found in the market. If you intend to only make orange juice, you can get those oranges for the best result.

If you kept the oranges in a refrigerator previously then you will need to warm them up first. If the fruit is cold, you will get less juice. So, you should at least let oranges heat up to room temperature.

You can also keep the oranges in a pot with hot water. Alternatively, you can microwave the oranges for not more than 10 seconds.

Afterward, you can gently roll the oranges with your hand. Gently pressuring and rolling against a hard surface loosens up the pulps. This process yields more juice from a freshly squeezed orange.

How you cut the oranges into juice also is a factor. You will not receive more juice if you only cut it in half. However, if you had a juicer, a half-cut would’ve sufficed.

To make the juicing process easier, you should cut the oranges into eight slices. Each smaller slice will have a smaller surface area. This will make the squeezing process much smoother. Now we will proceed to learn how to juice an orange without a juicer.

Juicing An Orange Alternative Way?

There are two ways to juice an orange manually. We will go over both of these methods. You can pick either of the methods that seem easier to you.

The first method is to manually squeeze the orange. For this to work smoothly, you should cut the oranges into smaller pieces. Then squeeze each piece by hand to get the most juice from it.

The other way to juice without a juicer is to use a fork. For this method, you will have to cut the oranges in half. You will always need to have a bowl. If you want to, you can use a glass but chances are, you will spill the juice.

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Hold one-half of the orange in one hand and stick it to the fork. Keep the bowl right beneath the orange to capture the produced juice. Slowly squeeze and rotate the fork in a circular manner to extract the citrus essence from the oranges.

Filtering out Seeds

Regardless of whichever method you choose to juice an orange, you will also have the seeds in the juice. After extracting the juice simply filter out the seeds by using a sieve or colander. You can also use a fine-mesh strainer to filter out seeds from the pure orange juice.

Although, if you cut an orange into pieces, you can put them in a sieve and smash them with the backside of a spoon. This automatically filters out the seeds and fibers. However, this process is more rigorous than the rest.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I juice without a juicer?

Ans. Juicing without the use of a juicer is easy. You can use a fork to squeeze out the juice from crosswise cut fruit.

Alternatively, you can cut the fruit into smaller pieces and squeeze them with your hand.

What can you use instead of a juicer?

Ans. You can use a fork, a sieve, and a tablespoon, or manually squeeze smaller pieces of fruits to extract juice from them. Having a juicer is never mandatory to make juice.

What is the best way to juice an orange?

Ans. We believe that using a juicer would be the best way to juice an orange.

However, considering the possibility of not having a juicer, you can use a fork to squeeze out the juice from an orange and also achieve the same results.


Everyone loves juices of one kind or another. Those who are conscious about their health will have diet juices. Enthusiasts will drink juices of various kinds occasionally.

But, the majority of the populus love to drink orange juice. It is easy and simple to make. You don’t need any additional ingredients to make it.

Everything that you will need to make the juice can be found in our kitchen. Again, everyone might not have juicers available at their home.

Or maybe if you are on a road trip or camping in the woods, you will not be carrying around a juicer.

In situations like this, knowing how to juice an orange without a juicer will surely help a lot.

In this way, you can make grape juice also.

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