My All-Time Worst vape Juice Experience – Why Does My vape Juice Turn Brown?

Why Does My vape Juice Turn Brown
Why Does My vape Juice Turn Brown

When I started vaping, I was pretty naive about it. I didnt know any better-I just bought a vape kit and drank my first cup of joe in the process. So naturally, when I tried my first e-juice flavor, I got hooked almost immediately. Unfortunately, that also meant that my initial love for vaping only grew more tenuous as time went on.

For a long time, my all-time worst vape juice experience revolved around an unflavorful blueberry base paired with artificial flavors and sugars. It was so bad that it inspired me to become a better Vaper in the hopes of finding better-tasting options. But even after trying hundreds of juices, understand why your current recipe is the one thats giving you brown vape juice. After all, not every vape juice is created equal!

What is a Brown Juice?

What is a Brown Juice

Brown liquor is a type of vape juice made from high-VG e-juice ingredients like propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). Brown liquor is often used in premium e-liquids, and its often recommended as a beginners e-juice. Brown liquor is a strong vape, often carrying a higher nicotine level than other types of e-juice.

Why Does My Vape Juice Turn Brown?

The main reason why your vape juice may turn brown is due to the absence of milk and cream solids in the recipe. Its possible that the vape juices youre using do not naturally contain these milk-based ingredients. If this is the case for you, you will have to strongly consider adjusting the recipe to avoid browning. To avoid brown juice, make sure that your ingredients are all of good quality.

Why Does My vape Juice Turn Brown

You shouldnt be using cheaper ingredients in your recipe, so it shouldnt happen. Pay attention to the ratio of PG to VG in your e-juice. If your recipe calls for a large percentage of VG, its possible that you have a very low VG e-juice and are probably experiencing Issues With Brown.

4 Vaping Mistakes That Saved Me From Buying More Juice

Vaping Mistakes That Saved Me From Buying More Juice

Better Raccoons: The Key To Successful Vaping

Better Raccoons: The Key To Successful Vaping

Racing, flipping, and chasing your vaped juice around in a wire basket is a fun way to enjoy your e-juice. But its not very successful at producing the real-world vaping results that are necessary to make a real impact on your health.

Successful vaping requires paying attention to the details, both in your recipe and the equipment youre using to make it. It also requires being discrete about your vaping so that no one in the cafe next to you doesnt notice youre smoking. So what do you need to do to become a successful vaper? Here are 6 things that Vapers need to do to take their vaping to the next level.


So, you tried out some new e-juice flavor and didnt like it. Unfortunately, it was probably a mistake. You tried it in a different flavor first, and then you tried it in this one, and it tasted terrible both times. Dont keep making the same mistake over and over- instead, try this guide to learn why your new e-juice is turning brown and how you can fix it.

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