How To Juice Ginger Root Easily (With Or Without) Juicer?

How To Juice Ginger Root
How To Juice Ginger Root

Recently herbal medicine is rising in popularity. As I own a tea shop, people are asking me about “the health benefits of ginger and how to juice ginger root?”

Ginger is a flowering plant but we usually use its rhizome. It is a lookalike of turmeric. You can buy in powdered form, preserved, candied, fresh, or mature.

I opened a tea shop due to my interest in selling traditional tea of many cultures. Ginger tea is one of my best sellers and a favorite of mine. However, nowadays people like to take it in the form of a juice or smoothie.

Since not a lot of information is available about its preparation, I want to talk about it in detail.

Methods of Juicing

Methods of Juicing 1


a) Using a juicer

The problem of how to juice ginger root is easily solved by a juicer. It is simple to operate. Get some ginger at first.

It doesn’t matter what kind it is. You can peel it or not. It is up to you.

Chop it into little pieces so that it can fit into the mouth of the juicer.

Wash it to clean it. And that is it! The juice will flow down on one end and the pulp will slither out in another.

The juice is very concentrated so I would not recommend drinking it undiluted or without adding anything to it.

The pump can be used in tea or made into ginger cubes. Put the pulp in ice trays and add water in the little cubes. Freeze them and enjoy.

b) Using a blender

It is not my favorite method. It requires you to add loads of water and you have to strain the pulp.

It is very messy and can be a handful. Sometimes the blender doesn’t even blend it. Other times it does but all it does is roughly chopping it. But, it is still a good way to get the juice.

To do this, cut the ginger into medium cubes or an equivalent to it. You should use peel ginger

here. Add the small pieces to the blender.

Now, add water to it.

Then turn the blender on. If the blender doesn’t work, add more water. You can strain it to remove the excess strands and parts of ginger.

You can also boil it after straining to remove water from it. Blended ginger juice is too watered down so I advise you to do this.

c) The Cheesecloth Method

First, we need to grate it. Then, we have to take a piece of cheesecloth and put the grated ginger in

it. After that, we will fold it into a ball shape and hold it over a bowl.

We will squeeze it till the ginger inside is dry. It is not the most efficient method of getting ginger juice.

These are the three most popular methods of extracting ginger juice.

Benefits of Ginger You Will Be Surprised!

Since ancient times, people have been eating and using ginger in various ways.  If you think about it, the many things we just do or are traditional have a basis in scientific facts.

For example: when you have digestion or feel like you want to vomit, didn’t your mother hand you a cup of ginger tea to settle the stomach?

It is because ginger contains gingerol, which is natural oil. It contains medicinal properties which help digestion, cures a cold, and reduces nausea symptoms and free radicals in the body.

It is responsible for the fragrance of ginger and has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects.

It is especially healthy for women because it helps them to deal with morning sickness symptoms and

menstrual cramps. But, people who are close to giving birth or had miscarriages should avoid it. It also helps in lowering cholesterol levels, lower blood sugar levels, joint pain, weight loss, and improves brain function.

It also boosts your metabolism and immune system. It can also lower chemotherapy-induced nausea. People with motion sickness feel better if they have a taste of ginger during transportation.

But, it may cause some side-effects such as mouth burning, gas, heartburn, ‘thinning blood, etc. See Reference.

Why Do We Drink Ginger Juice?

How to juice ginger root

Drinking ginger juice is the current fad. So, I am pointing out in particular that we can drink ginger juice after juicing it.

There are many numerous, if not medicinal, reasons for drinking it in a drink form.

• Some people want to have the good properties of ginger without having to chew it sliced or drink it with tea.
• It might be a preference of taste. Ginger has a ‘zingy’ taste that some people may think is palatable in a juice form.
• A ginger shot can be downed in a single gulp.
• You can add lemon, honey, or added sugar to it. But, it is not recommended in diabetes patients.
• It lowers the sugar level which can put them at risk.
• It is great for hydration. After a work-out or if you sweat a lot, you should drink ginger juice.
• It can also make you more alert if you drink it with a little lemon juice in the morning.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How do you extract juice from the ginger root?

You can extract juice from the ginger root using a juicer, blender, cheesecloth, grater, or mortar and pestle.

Can you juice ginger root?

Yes! It is possible and a frequent practice in Asian countries for its health benefits.

Do you have to peel ginger before blending?

It is a matter of preference. I like to do that. However, you should cut any hard and protruding parts out.

How do you make ginger juice root without a juicer?

There are many handheld non-electronic ways and appliances if a juicer is not available. The detailed way to do so is given above.


The ‘How to juice ginger root’ is not a difficult skill to master. Anyone who knows the way around a kitchen can juice it.

It is one of the easiest raw foods to manipulate. The things you gain from consuming it in any form are too much to resist.

A modern form of consumption is ginger juice. But, you can use it in any other stuff for added taste and nutrition.

The methods of juicing are numerous. You don’t need to have a juicer or blender to eat it. Juicing ginger is also not hard or time-consuming. I recommend everyone incorporate ginger in their meal plan.

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