Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800 Why Best Reliable Choice?

Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800

Fill up the trusty of juice, one juice maker Nama cold old press juicer already well known in the market. Though I used another brand of juice maker for my restaurant. First, I didn’t have any idea about this brand. One of our restaurant managers praised it. As he already used it in another branch that is why I also agreed with him, finally according to his opinion I also bought it for the new branch. 🙂

Someone can point out that there are plenty of juice makers. Why just recommend the Nama brand press juicer here. To be honest, after using it I also charm its fantastic features and stability as well as all activities. 

Would you already build up a habit of taking juice regularly? If so, it is the best habit to augment your all body strength and also keep a healthy person. Not only you but also kids, wife, parents it is necessary to make every day.

Nama is a south Korean research-based company, if you notice Nama cold press juicer vitality 5800 has all features. It occupies first place the juice machine in the market.

Why should anyone buy this model?

Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800
Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800

Herein lies all the secrets of people after using this product what types of comments or reviews are delivered about it. Many users have complained about other brands like Breville that is making a lot of waste in juice-making time. 

Whereas Nama cold press juicer is so little bit waste anyone can able to make double output. However, there is no magic that the quality of juice is so high.

The flavor of the juice is so good whether anyone can’t take the test is a secret or hidden topic for non-users. The pulp is very pretty dry. It is the reason for getting as much juice out.

 Moreover, if you cut the piece of bananas, apples, and carrots you never get any stuck during cleaning time. Even though it is pricey, after purchasing it you will never regret it.

What people need to check before buying Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800

The Nama team has been trying to develop all their design and development. For this reason, they are very successful in their project as well as consequence towards us.

Nama is coming into the market with very simple and easy features. It is being popular day by day for this reason.

When you will make juice you might follow some common advantages of Nama machines. Albeit you want to produce any sorbet with Nama. It oxidizes more than any other juice machine.

Nama machine juice is sweeter and contains more flavor. It looks very fresh like you have just taken fruits from a tree.


However, it isn’t loud and very quiet. Through its operation works very slowly. Yet it has dry pulp and it makes extract. It is also dry and gives us a proper taste of juice.

Whether we compare between other brands and Name. Providing equal fruit, veg, and other goods, you will get more outcomes from the extract than any other juice machine. Thereafter you will notice the vibrant colors which give you a lot more fresh feel.

Besides, after making juice you never get any entire part of the fruit. On the other hand, You are getting the highest output with the lowest piece of fruits. Whereas, other brands in the market are unable to do it.

Someone guessed that it is bad with vegetables which aren’t true. It does very well with vegetables. There are a lot of vegetables and contain seeds as well as the rind of fruits like orange and lime through in the juice machine. 

It might create a bit problem if you take out seeds and chop the cortex, never face that problem. Albeit is painful for juice makers. But the rind of the fruits you can also put in the juice machine for blending.

In the Nama juice machine keeping the seeds of any fruits like apples, you may hear the sound of blending time. It isn’t always. Sometimes when you will provide vegetables with seeds fruit. To be honest, you can hear a little bit of sound only for that time. If no mix, never hear.

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Every consumer is pleasant and also recommended it for an easy cleaning system. Where he/she never got before like a Nama juice machine. Cleaning time if a fiver or slide of fruits is stuck, you can push it by using your finger to push it. Whenever all garbage comes out, it will take a few minutes to clean the chamber.

Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800

My aforementioned points try to understand, you can have a restaurant or family. After buying it, you won’t regret it and hopefully will feel happy making juice. 

As it preserves the natural flavor, therefore it is a slow juicer and it never damages the nutrition. That is the attraction of consumers.

The product is really expensive but you will not lose your money. Moreover, you are getting more something instead of your worth. My recommendation is if you can purchase it will become a better option to purchase than other brands.


  • Making delicious and nutrient-rich juice with smoothies.
  • Producing the highest juice with the lowest materials.
  • Essay to clean.
  • 10 years warranty.


  • Didn’t get any cons during my working time.

Top features

When it is coming in your hand it is very easy to take out in a short time. Nama cold press juicer vitality 5800 comes with a recipe book, container set, smoothie strainer, brush cleaner, push off the juicer base, and chamber set. The design of the juicer base is very sleek.

The main chamber Nama has a vast place that holds a minimum 500ml products in a 16.9 oz size chamber set. Since the material ensures a stable product with a long time warranty. The juice container also has enough place to keep juice for the maker. The container will assist consumers to take out the highest output juice. The container has fantastic features to clean easily without any problem in a short time.

Two containers coming in the market both can’t contain equal juice, one can hold 40 oz and another is 60 oz. If you want to serve a few glasses together you can without any hesitation, from my experience before using all juice machines I have ever seen its Abs material which makes them unique as well as the best juice machine in the market.

It has a smoothie strainer which makes perfect juice. Base and chamber set together to work on a project to produce dry pulp. I never mean dry pulp is like bone but it is adequately dry, you never get any more juice like that.

Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800
Nama Cold Press Juicer Vitality 5800

Hopper size isn’t so big, but it is enough for the chamber and auger. The pulp container is bigger than the juice container. You can produce a lot of juice at a time.     

You should not worry when you are giving fruits in the machine whether the motors can run or not. It isn’t a big deal for 150W AC motors. 

Therefore, whatever you give it can finish properly without any hindrance, keep in your mind that to supply enough voltage. Otherwise, the motor will burn and everything will nip in the bud.   

You might avoid thinking like some of us give a little bit of water to make an easy sharpener task. It is a completely wrong concept. Nama juice machine blade is so sharp, never be disappointed with this. If not so, how does it make very small dry pulp?

When you start making juice, there is no need for precious hand pressure on the juice machine. Because it has enough strong shelter If anyone does it will be an unnecessary project for him /her.

This machine is very quiet, after unboxing if you follow that it is very noisy. That means this manufacturer has a problem. Never use it one more time just wash it clearly and back on the package.

When you place it, try to set up a sturdy place like a strong board or any other materials as if the base can tolerate the pressure of the weight. After finishing juice making, never forget to clean. 

Regularly cleaning will augment Nama juice machine’s lifespan. Though it is almost longer period warranty. Proper caring will ensure its good output.

Why will you choose cold press juicer vitality 5800?

The flavor is an issue:

From my point of view, there are several reasons to pick Nama cold press as the first juice machine. Who doesn’t want to take the awesome flavor from the juice? 

As it can produce a good smell which I didn’t get from any other brand. I am a person who makes every morning juice like apple, carrot, spinach, bananas, guava, strawberry, and so on.

 When I use Nama to make my juice, it provides a natural taste and another brand that delivers a salty and bitter taste.

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 One of the biggest reasons is with fewer fruits you are getting the best quality to maintain juice, in other words, you can’t imagine also different brands.

Fewer fruits with more juice:

When any fruits are given to make juice in the machine. The basement pressure of the machine pushes high and the next incident comes out dry pulp or fiber which is a very small part of fruits, veg, and spinach.

 For this, you will get sweet and more juice if I compare it with a centrifugal juicer. The myth is that all particles of fruits and veg are mixed and come as dry pulp or fiber. 

Getting up to 60% micronutrient extraction from fruits and vegetables Nama is the best juice machine for getting the flavor. 

Long Term saving:

It is a very common thought when you are using a Nama juice machine. It can yield more juice than any other brand.

 If I compare Nama and Centrifugal Juice machines. Though both are outstanding features, you might have seen that little bit of difference.

 However, the centrifugal Juice machines are moving very fast and the inside of the blade also moves high-speed dice and cuts the fruits to extract the fruit from the juicer.

Whereas, Nama is a slow-masticating cold-pressed juicer. Only these advantages make it different from other brands, it is the way of extracting by grinding and pressing to extract juice from the machine.

 It is a very slow masticating juicer, that is why with proving fewer fruits you will see more juice in the container. You may be confused because you didn’t use both juice machines.

Since it is a very crucial matter that having slow juice lasts longer in a fridge with tightly sealed containers. It can be longer almost up to 3 or 4 days.

In another word, You can’t expect the same long time on centrifugal or another brand whatever you replace on the Nama juice machine.

Master cutter juice machine:

Would you like fruits such as apples, oranges, carrots, and vegetables (cilantro) making mixing juice? Whether the Same piece of every fruit you can put in the machine to experiment between centrifugal and Nama brand.

As a drinker, you want more juice while providing fruits inside of the machine. You will get the best outcome from the Nama juicer machine.

Besides, everyone expects more juice instead of their fruit worth. Processing fruits to juice one by-product is pulp. Which part is very small in Nama juicer.

On the contrary, a Centrifugal machine is unable to cut whole cilantro or other parts of fruits.

 Albeit containing in the fiber container entire pieces of fruits or cilantro, Ultimately you waste your money or do not get the best output.

Therefore, considering all sides Nama is the best machine for your budget. 

Buy Nama, if you expect

  • You expect more juice

It is slow masticating and yields more juice with a very tasty flavor.

  • Getting quite a machine

As a Nama juicer slow masticating machine with a slow-moving sharpener. That is why it is noiseless and quiet enough.

  • Finding Nama to sitting a short space

This model consists of a compact footprint which reduces the keeping place of this machine. If you have a short place it is a perfect design for you.

  • Saving time when required to clean

After making juice, need every time to clean all parts. This model is built up with six-ingredient which is a very easy take-out cleaning.

Don’t buy if you expect

  • Expensive 

If you don’t have ability beyond $400 /au$400.Don’t think of getting it yourself.

  • Don’t have enough time to prepare

Before juice making, if you don’t have time cut all the pieces. Nama isn’t for you. So, just leave it. 

  • You want a very faster

As it is a slow masticating machine, you can’t make juice in a short time. Inside the chamber blade is sharp but cuts fruit very small without taking enough time. 


Which company made the Nama juicer?

Nama is a South Korean company.

Is the Nama juicer expensive?

Though it is expensive, you are getting something more in exchange for your money.

Which brand is best for a juicer?

There are plenty of juice machine brands in the market, from my point of view and research Nama is the best cold juice machine of all of them.

Who manufactures the Nama juicer?

South Korean humor company manufactures the Nama juicer.

Where is the serial number on the Nama juicer?

Juicer bases have one sticker place where the serial number is.

Is the Nama dishwasher safe?

If we wash hot dishwashers, it could be terrible for juice plastic and damage all body structure of the juice machine.

Especially for smoothies, and sorbet strainers. So, most owners according use hand washing to augment the lifespan of the juicer. 


In the meanwhile, you are on the way to getting Nama cold press juicer vitality 5800 to take the natural taste from all fruits ingredients with optimal flavor and nutrients.

Nama is the best brand not well known in just one day, with trusty service it occupies all over the world. So why are you wasting time? 

Just grave Nama juice cold press juicer vitality 5800 keeping house for making nutritious, smoothies juice every morning routine. Drinking healthy juice, get the life span longer on the earth.

What do you buy in spite of this model with the same features? Breville

Breville BJE830BSS Juice Founatin Cold XL Centrifugal Juicer

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