The 5 Best Juicers For All Budget Fit

Best Juicers For All Budget
Best Juicers For All Budget

Convenient and practical, this appliance allows you to squeeze oranges and lemons while minimizing food waste. But which one to buy? We recommend an electric model with automatic switching on and off such as the Moulinex PC1208. Ideal for those who have little space in their kitchen, it has a large capacity, as it can hold up to 450 ml of juice while retaining extremely small dimensions. The alternative is the Philips HR2752 / 90, very quiet, with a drip spout and a design so impeccable that it can appear on a film set.

Buying guide – How to choose the best juicer?

Don’t think about the simple orange soda, the quantity of citrus fruits available practically all year round is more varied and tempting than you think. A good juicer has the advantage of simplifying the extraction of the juice without losing even a drop. The price you pay to get this type of tool in the kitchen is usually very low, especially if only this is the function it has to perform.

There are purely manual models, more or less articulated and with a traditional design or that made school, but you can also choose appliances that automate the work and make it a little faster.

Here is the guide that compares the functions you can expect from the various models to find your way around the available models. Below, a ranking of the five most popular juicers with a review gives you more information before making your decision.

Electric or manual

If you think of a citrus squeezer, the shape that is somewhat reminiscent of the alien spaceship comes to everyone’s mind, so much so that Alessi, the famous company that brings Italian design to homes all over the world, has played a little bit with this suggestion and created a model with truly otherworldly lines.

Yet the citrus juicer is, among the thousand trinkets that populate our kitchens, one of the most discreet and easy to use.

You can choose between the electric or manual version. Usually the electric ones work simply by exerting a slight pressure to rotate, preferably in both directions, the pin that extracts the juice. More sophisticated models also allow you to squeeze the peel, rich in essential oils, which releases the typical bitter and pleasant taste of citrus fruits.

A manual model requires more pressure, but it is not an excessive effort given the richness of liquids and the poor resistance of the citrus pulp.

Compact and easy to handle

If you are among those who compare prices before deciding to purchase you will have noticed that the cost differences between one model and another are not so drastic. Instead, you can focus on the aesthetic characteristics of the model: evaluate the compactness together with the capacity of the collection tank, or choose whether to pour the juice directly into the juice glass.

Another detail to consider before purchasing is the possibility of associating other accessories with the main body, in order to extend the potential of the appliance and extract juices from other types of fruit as well.

The use of steel is preferable, as often happens, because it allows easier maintenance and better hygiene. Unlike steel, the most common plastic is certainly lighter but tends to indelibly stain due to the corrosive action of acidic juices.

Adjustable pulp filter

The best brand on the market is the one able to offer customized solutions to meet the tastes of most. Here, the possibility of choosing the quantity of pulp to add to the orange juice by adjusting the filter mesh appeals to those who prefer to choose between a more or less clear drink.

It is good to say, however, that the alternative that separates the juice from the pulp and then manually regulates the “consistency” of the juice is equally dignified.

The 5 Best Juicers – Ranking 2022

It is an appliance often found in kitchens, given its usefulness, especially in the morning when you are in a hurry to enjoy a healthy and also tasty breakfast. The comparison between the different models has allowed us to select the most reliable and performing products currently available on the market, we see a brief overview of the salient features to clarify ideas before purchasing.

1. Moulinex Electric Juicer PC1208 Ultra Compact

Main advantage:

The Moulinex PC1208 Ultra Compact electric citrus juicer is a small champion of functionality, quality, and convenience, capable of responding in a practical and efficient way to the needs of buyers. While not equipped with cutting-edge features, it manages to offer the right support in the kitchen to prepare delicious fruit juices quickly and with minimal effort.

Main disadvantage:

One of the few negative sides found concerns the power of only 25 watts which does not allow intensive use of the appliance. Many users, in fact, recommend squeezing a few citrus fruits at a time so as not to overload the engine.

Verdict 9.7 / 10

The double direction of rotation guarantees optimal performance in the face of record silence, which allows the appliance to be operated even at sensitive times. Furthermore, by applying greater pressure on the ogive it will be possible to squeeze even the hardest and toughest fruits, such as pomegranates.

Compact and efficient

Synonymous with reliability and quality in the field of small kitchen appliances, Moulinex today offers us a functional and practical to-use electric juicer that will allow you to have fresh and tasty juices in just a few seconds. Made with high-quality materials to serve its purpose in the long run, it is appreciated for the capacity of 450 ml while maintaining compact dimensions that make it easy to position even on narrow and difficult work surfaces.

With its essential design and low noise that does not bother in the morning when other people in the house are still in bed, it attracted the attention of our team of experts who selected it to be part of this ranking of the best juicers in 2022 also for the convincing quality/price ratio that allows you to save on expenses but not on yield.

Power and ease of use

The 25-watt motor exploits the double clockwise and anticlockwise rotation to obtain as much juice as possible from citrus fruits, and by exerting a more decisive pressure you can easily squeeze even the hardest and most compact fruits, such as pomegranates.

The reversed direction of rotation is activated automatically as soon as the cone that drives the motor is released and pressed again. The power of the latter, however, proved to be the only weak point of the product, given that the lower than average value does not make it suitable for intensive use due to the ease with which it tends to overheat when called upon to process large quantities. of fruit at the same time.

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On the other hand, it is suitable for couples and small families who want to indulge in the pleasure of a fresh juice in the morning, so it is to be considered a valid household appliance only in the context of domestic uses to obtain discrete quantities of juice quickly and effortlessly.

Easy to clean

In terms of practicality, two elements that testify to the validity of the model are the transparent plastic lid, which prevents dirt and dust from settling inside the juicer when not in use, and the convenient cable compartment that allows for easy and tidy storage. The product is also very simple and practical to clean thanks to the possibility of being able to easily disassemble all the components to wash them by hand or directly in the dishwasher (except for the electric base, of course).

Considering the many good qualities, and excluding the limitations of use related to the rather low power, we believe that the quality/price ratio put in place by Moulinex for the PC1208 Ultra Compact juicer is really hard to beat.

2. Philips HR2752 / 90 Avance Collection Electric Juicer

The Philips juicer has been a great success in the market because it can boast numerous advantages for consumers, for example, the elegant and refined design suitable for any environment. But the most appreciated is probably the great silence, ideal to be exploited in the morning to make juice without waking up those who are still sleeping.

The powerful 85-watt motor also guarantees remarkable ease and speed in operations.

The design is not only appreciable from an aesthetic point of view but also for functionality, especially as regards the spout, the real strength of this model. Made of steel, it can be raised or lowered: in the first case it allows the liquid to be poured into the glass, and when closed it avoids annoying spills.

Finally, the practical lid with a tab supplied offers the user the advantage of preventing dust from entering the juicer.

Philips has always made products that are highly regarded by consumers and its online bestselling juicer is no exception. Let’s review what are the main strengths and weaknesses.


Silence: There is nothing better than waking up in the morning and making yourself a healthy fresh juice. The partner or children who are still half asleep in bed and who risk being awakened by the noise of the juicer may not think so, risk that with the Philips you do not run.

Power: Despite being particularly quiet, the 85-watt motor is very powerful and allows you to make juices quickly and easily.

Spout: The steel spout of the Philips is one of the main advantages it offers the user because it allows you to easily pour the liquid into the glass but, by closing it, prevents any spills.

Lid: To prevent dust from getting inside the juicer, a practical lid is included in the scope of delivery.


Dimensions: Compared to several other models, the Philips is quite bulky.

3. Braun CJ 3000 Juicer, 20 W, 0.35 Liters

Among the best electric juicers, a great classic cannot be missing that allows you to obtain good results in a small space and with few frills.

Low in the price, given that it is the classic citrus juicer with the well-known and heartening design of all time, this appliance promises to do its duty well anyway.

It has a maximum capacity of 350 ml, one cup, and off you go immediately to the next. The engine, contained in terms of power compared to the models just seen, can be adjusted to five power levels to specifically attack oranges, usually more yielding, or lemons that sometimes need more energy to release all their juice.

Many enthusiastic opinions from those who have tried this German-branded appliance, above all due to the ease with which it is disassembled to be cleaned and the presence of a convenient anti-drip side spout that allows you not to dirty anywhere in the kitchen.  

Braun knows how to make quality products and here too the German brand is no exception. We have found several opinions that are more than satisfied with the product. Also evaluate if it is appropriate to consider the expense, we will tell you where to buy it in case.


Simplicity: It could also be used by your child. Both for the juice and for taking it apart and then washing it in a few seconds.

Price: Competitive, it stands at the lowest price range. This implies no deficit whatsoever: it works well and does its job.

Cable: The cable can be rolled up at the base and this makes it even less bulky and comfortable.


Power: The motor has five power levels, but is weaker than other products of the same type. It is in fact a 20 W.

4. Snips Manual Juicer 

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on an electric juicer to prepare excellent fruit juices in a short time, you can evaluate the purchase of a manual version like the one proposed by Snips.

Aside from the fact that it won’t cost you an arm and a leg, it’s made of solid BPA-free plastic and therefore food-safe. The package contains a grooved ogive that allows you to extract the juice from lemons, grapefruits, and oranges by applying moderate force on the cone and a graduated jug with a drip spout that allows you to pour the juice into the glass without dirtying the surface.

In addition, the container of the model can be safely placed in the refrigerator to store the juices made at a temperature of 3 ° C and enjoy them later without having to use other jugs or containers. Positive reviews also regarding the ease of cleaning the tool, since its components are very easy to disassemble and easily dishwasher safe.


Economical: Those who do not intend to spend too much for the purchase of a juicer can rely on the manual model proposed by Snips, sold at a really advantageous price without skimping on the build quality.

No waste: The graduated jug is equipped with a practical anti-drip spout to avoid stains and waste between one glass of juice and the next.

Cleaning: The citrus juicer is easily disassembled and its components can be easily washed in the dishwasher to make cleaning easier.

Dimensions: The product is also appreciated for its extremely compact and space-saving design that does not take up too much space on the kitchen shelves or inside the wall units when it comes time to put it away.


Manual skills are needed: As this is a manual model, we do not consider it suitable for those who suffer from weakness in their hands or have poor manual skills, such as the elderly. In these cases it would be better to opt for an electric citrus juicer, perhaps choosing it from those that have conquered the podium of our ranking.

5. Princess Citrus Electric Juicer

Powerful and suitable for processing any type of citrus fruit in a few seconds, it also has the advantage of having a very elegant and pleasant design. Many appreciate the possibility of working on a lot of fruit in a minimum time, certainly not comparable to that of traditional citrus juicers.

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The total power of 300 W gives the necessary thrust to the motor which in a flash is able to extract the greatest amount of juice from the fruit. Oranges, but also pomegranates or lemons can be squeezed thoroughly without particular difficulty. Even children seem to appreciate the intuitiveness of this appliance.

It is equipped with two adapters to adequately squeeze both larger citrus fruits such as oranges, and smaller ones such as limes and lemons. This an important precaution, because it makes the use of this tool in the kitchen really versatile and comfortable. The pieces must be washed manually to remove the fiber residues in a thorough manner, but they also withstand washing in the dishwasher well without being damaged.


Fast: Powerful and stable, the main advantage of this juicer is that it can prepare orange juice in the blink of an eye.

It disassembles completely: Each part that comes into contact with the fruit to be squeezed can be disassembled and washed without particular difficulties.

Quiet: Although particularly powerful, it is also very quiet and therefore lends itself to being put into operation while others are still asleep to treat themselves to a freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast.


Without Lid: This model does not have a cover on the top, so it dusts and is not easy to keep on the countertop all the time unless you use it every day.

6. Krups ZX700041 Automatic Citrus Squeezer, in Metal

Our buying advice is enriched by a model with a futuristic design and respectable features that opens our ranking.

The model proposed by Krups, a brand known for its reliability and the robustness of the construction materials, is equipped with a 115 W motor, able to work for a long time without suffering overload, and well serves the needs of a large family.

It is designed to pour the juice directly into the glass to be placed under the spout, to facilitate dispensing and guarantee a product that is always fresh and rich in vitamins. Among the models sold online, the one that allows you to choose whether the squeezing must be done by hand or in assisted mode, this to avoid overheating the juice and compromising its quality.

Almost entirely in stainless steel, it is also designed to be easily disassembled for cleaning the most exposed parts and to facilitate the collection of the pulp without dirtying everything around.

It is not surprising that it is one of the best-selling models, it allows you to squeeze any citrus fruit on the same cone: from oranges to grapefruits or mandarins depending on your preferences or needs.

A healthy breakfast of freshly squeezed citrus fruit is what is often done in some families. Whether they are lemons or oranges, it is always a pleasure to have a fresh and healthy drink at the table. Our guide will show you the characteristics of this Krups citrus juicer, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses with expertise.


Double function: Automatic and manual, to best squeeze oranges and make excellent juices for the whole family.

Motor: The motor is 115 W: it is powerful and never jams. It tends to warm up eventually, maybe after eight or ten squeezed citrus fruits, but that’s obvious. What is important is that there will be no overload.

Cleaning: Easy to disassemble and clean. Once the pulp has been collected, it will be immediately ready for new use.


Cost: The price is really high and, despite the quality, it is a bit hard to spend all this money on a juicer. It must be said that there are many who consider their money well spent.

How to use a juicer

The citrus juicer is a fairly common kitchen utensil, which allows us not to waste even a drop of our precious citrus fruits. Generally, it is associated with orange juice, to be drunk in the coldest periods because it is rich in vitamin C, but its use can be precious all year round, also to make recipes with citrus aromas and fragrances.

Tips for a good citrus juice

Making a good juice with citrus fruits is not difficult, however, with some tricks, it is possible to obtain an even more satisfying final result. Considering the ease with which you can make this fresh drink at home, it’s definitely worth making your own instead of buying ready-made products.

The following are tips that you can put into practice with both the manual and the electric model.

For correct preparation, cut the citrus fruit crosswise, better to cut one fruit at a time to avoid waste.

Place half of it on the typical inverted cup and press but without putting too much force, otherwise, you risk crushing the inner part of the peel, the white one, which gives the taste a bitter note that is not very pleasant.

In principle, you should get 150 ml of juice, which you can consume naturally, without water or sweetener (obviously it depends on personal tastes). During the summer, for example, you could add a few ice cubes. Even deciding to filter the juice or not can depend on personal tastes, but if you intend to use them for cocktails or to make dishes (for example desserts) the solid parts should be eliminated.

Even with pomegranate Pomegranate
juice is a real delicacy and, all in all, it has a nice cost. With the juicer, you can make it at home by yourself, quickly and easily.

All you have to do is divide the fruit into two parts, as you would a citrus fruit, and press one of the halves with a twisting motion. As you can see, the juice will end up in the collector (or directly in the glass, depending on the type of juicer you will have) while the seeds and grains remain above the filter, therefore well separated. Furthermore, with a few drops of lemon juice, you will also prevent your freshly squeezed pomegranate juice from oxidizing.


The manual juicer is the one we remember fondly at our grandmothers’ home, but still today it is the preferred choice of many people, as it takes up little space and has a very low cost.

The electric models, however, do not have very high prices and make life easier for us. Let’s think of those who, for example, want to prepare fresh orange juice for the whole family in the morning, a job that can also be done with manual ones, but we want to save time (essential, in the morning) and effort. ? A little pressure is enough to activate the mechanism (sometimes the key is located near the neck) and here the orange begins to rotate. Some models allow you to rotate the fruit in both directions, in order to obtain a greater quantity of juice.

The automatic models, i.e. those in which we only have to insert the fruit and the machine does everything by itself, are mainly the professional ones. The market also offers solutions for use at home, but the prices are still considerable.

Finally, there is the most romantic type, with a slightly vintage flavor, the manual pressure one: half citrus is positioned and a lever is lowered, with a sort of screw that crushes the fruit. Unlike the manual rotary one, it is more convenient and faster to use.

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