The 8 Best Fruit Juicers For Weight Loss Fast!

Best Fruit Juicers For Weight Loss
Best Fruit Juicers For Weight Loss

Fruit juicers are cheap and in an instant, they are able to serve an excellent drink obtained by squeezing very fresh fruit and vegetables. They have been on the market for some time and still hold their own against much more expensive appliances such as extractors. 

The result they are able to ensure is satisfying and helps to maintain a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals. Taken in the form of centrifugation, these precious nutrients are a panacea for health but also a pleasure for the palate. This is why we have selected the best models that allow you to obtain the maximum advantage in terms of overall quality at the most convenient price. 

For example, the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer is perfect for large families who want to indulge in a fresh and healthy break every day. For the Hurom H-200 Easy Clean Model, compact design, and extreme silence are the strong points of an ally to be used regularly in the kitchen.

Best Fruit Juicers For Weight Loss

If you are looking for the best fruit juicer it is very likely that you will be able to find what you need in this ranking. Our editorial staff has carefully curated the ranking of the most convincing products from the point of view of the quality and price ratio.

1. Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel

The new Breville 800JEXL is popular because it is very large and can process large quantities of fruit and vegetables at the same time. The opinions of users seem to agree on the reliability of the appliance, tested during daily work cycles.

The design is compact but the dimensions are not that small. In fact, the capacity of the jar is one and a half liters, a large quantity of juice for those who want to prepare a drink for the whole family. The shape is pleasant and also performs well a furnishing function by maintaining a prominent position on the kitchen counter.

You can choose between the version with a reduced capacity basket and a 500W motor, at a very advantageous price. Or you can aim for the larger solution, up to 2 liters and 800W of power, also this offer at a good price. The assembly system of the various parts is designed to make assembly easy, so that daily use becomes automatic and quick.

Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel
Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite Centrifugal Juicer, Brushed Stainless Steel


  • Large basket: Up to 1.5 liters of fruit or vegetables that can be processed at the same time to extract the juice to drink every day.
  • Convex design: Although generous in size, it does well in the difficult task of being pleasing to the eye and making a good impression on the countertop.
  • Metal body: The choice of high-quality materials ensures good resistance to intensive use without fear of the effects of wear soon.

2. Smeg Citrus Juicer

Among the best fruit juicers of 2022, this Smeg Citrus Juicer makes a good impression above all due to the very competitive price and the good overall build quality. Furthermore, it can be easily assembled and disassembled, and is perhaps the cheapest in circulation today, especially taking into account its overall high quality.

It can be easily disassembled and washed in the dishwasher for easy maintenance. Capacity and power are not the most amazing, but it lends themselves well to preparing one extract at a time without overheating or going into protection.

It is not possible to set the rotation speed, which is set only on level 1 and which almost borders on 12,800 revolutions per minute. The pieces that compose it comes off easily and can be washed in the dishwasher without being damaged. This detail makes it less tedious to pick up the centrifuge every day or at a constant frequency, to put it to work properly.


Among the cheapest: The advantageous price is even more appealing if you consider the good quality of the materials used and their safe assembly.

Washable in the dishwasher: Machine washing simplifies the cleaning of the pieces, making the most controversial aspect of this type of appliance less burdensome.

Compact: The size and capacity of the basket are not the largest, so you can prepare a few centrifuged at a time and not risk losing the properties of fruit and vegetables.

3. JOYOUNG Juicer Machines with Upgraded Ceramic Auger Masticating Juicer Higher

It is not easy to decide which fruit juicer to buy, many models seem to be alike. Sometimes it is difficult to understand which one is able to meet your specific needs.

In this case, it is possible to count on an appliance that offers a considerable power, 1 kW, together with the possibility of adjusting the speed on two levels. This detail is very useful because it allows you to dose the rotation force of the blades according to the type of fruit or vegetable to be processed.

The shell is solid and made of metal, so it also looks good on the countertop in the kitchen. Stainless steel is also the conduit through which to pass the whole fruit. The dimensions of the opening are considerable, 8.5 cm, so it is possible to insert most of the vegetables and fruit without having to cut or peel them first. A great convenience that speeds up the preparation of juice and makes it an automatic operation to do in the morning.

JOYOUNG Juicer Machines with Upgraded Ceramic Auger Masticating Juicer
JOYOUNG Juicer Machines with Upgraded Ceramic Auger Masticating Juicer


Economical: A juicer that is characterized by low prices does not always turn out to be a good deal, this is not the case with this model which instead offers many interesting features.

Powerful: Thanks to 1,000W of power, this appliance can process any type of fruit or vegetable without encountering difficulties.

Wide Neck: The metal shell and the large conduit for inserting ingredients are the most interesting design features of this model.

4. Orfeld Multifunction Stuffer Maker Juicer Vegetable Cutter

To know how to choose a good fruit juicer you must first determine how to use it. For example, this model with a good price and interesting build quality has the defect of producing a lot of waste that is still wet and therefore still useful. Those who have the patience and the habit of reusing scraps in the kitchen know that this is not a big limitation and that what remains from processing can then be used to make sweets or biscuits.

If this aspect does not scare you, below we suggest where to buy the Severin centrifuge. To its credit, it should also be said that it counts on a certain structural solidity, which allows it to process even harder foods, such as carrots for example.

Although not particularly powerful, the motor reaches 400W at its maximum, this does not prevent it from processing different ingredients, perhaps by making several passes. You can use the two speeds to work on more or less soft consistencies, dosing the power. Among the models for domestic use, it is among the most effective even in a semi-professional context.

Orfeld Multifunction Electric Meat Grinder, 5 in 1 Meat Mincer Sausage Stuffer Maker Juicer Vegetable Cutter,All Accessories Included,Quiet and Efficient
Orfeld Multifunction Electric Meat Grinder, 5 in 1 Meat Mincer Sausage Stuffer Maker Juicer Vegetable Cutter, All Accessories Included, Quiet and Efficient


Quality materials: Extensive use of stainless steel for this centrifuge that allows you to process different foods in an appropriate way to their consistency and ensure perfect hygiene.

Efficient mechanics: The centrifuge isn’t among the most powerful around, but this doesn’t affect performance. It should be emphasized the presence of the fan that cools the engine to allow it to withstand intensive use without overheating.

Two speeds: The rotation can be adjusted as needed based on the characteristics and consistency of the ingredients to be processed.

5. Aeitto Slow Juicer, Slow Masticating Juicer Machine with Big Wide 81mm Chute 900 ml Juice Cup

Working with fruit and vegetables can give great satisfaction, especially if you use the right tools to get the most out of their characteristics. Using special recipes can help you find the right combinations and the perfect solutions to meet your taste and nutritional needs.

Here we propose a good model made mainly of stainless steel, with a safety lever that blocks the opening of the lid while the machine is in operation. It is one of the best-selling models and one that has the greatest appreciation among users who choose it from the vast sea of ​​products available. The reasons are obvious: it is very economical, has a powerful engine, and is equipped with an automatic pulp separator. The filter inside separates the fibrous part from the juice to obtain a clear and not very foamy result.

The design blades is designed to achieve the best results by optimizing the yield of the fruit, their inclination is designed to break fruit and vegetables and thus extract the largest possible amount of juice.


Two speeds: You can set the rotation of the blades to reach a lower speed, between 12 and 14 thousand rotations for soft foods, and from 16 up to 18 thousand for harder ones.

Easy to assemble components: The assembly of the various parts is made simple and intuitive by the presence of transparent elements that speed up the operation.

Pulp separator: The fiber is automatically separated from the juice thanks to the stainless steel filter which represents an effective barrier.

6. Imetec Wellness JE Microperforated filter centrifuge

Imetec offers a solution with an elegant design and with notable attention to detail. We like the possibility of counting on an effective micro-perforated filter that helps to separate the fiber from the juice well so as to obtain a non-cloudy final product.

The two optimal speeds for operation can be adjusted according to the consistency of fruit and vegetables. The presence of the recipe book in the package is useful as it helps to find the right inspiration to create tasty extracts by artfully mixing the tastes of fresh and seasonal foods.

As much as the company offers it as an advantage, the bit is not the largest here compared to most models sold online. They are just 6.5 cm so it is necessary to intervene by cutting the fruit and vegetables into pieces to make sure that everything fits inside the container.

After all, this appliance is characterized by low power and size, so it is suitable for domestic and less intensive use.


Two speeds: This detail is important because it allows you to dose the force impressed on the blades and thus optimally transform foods of different consistencies, limiting the production of waste.

Elegant design: The original color, the presence of the non-drip spout and the combination of transparent plastics and stainless metal parts, make the Imetec centrifuge very well designed.

With safety lever: This element ensures perfect sealing of the lid and of all internal components even when the blades turn at particularly high speed.


Not suitable for intensive use: This model cannot withstand prolonged use without the risk of overheating and ruining the juice, as evidenced by the small size of the container, just half a liter.

7. Homgeek Centrifuge anti-shake design

The operation of a juicer is simple: blades rotate at high speed to give movement to the fruit that separates from the juice. The pulp is directed towards the waste container and so it is possible to consume fruit and vegetables in a different and certainly very pleasant way.

Here we have an average powerful engine but able to withstand medium / long work loads thanks to the engine ventilation system which helps to keep it at controlled temperatures. Indeed, it is important that the machine does not overheat in order not to compromise the quality of the final product. The centrifuge obtains these performances while remaining in the best electric consumption class, the A +++.

Here you can count on the frequent combination of a one and a half liter waste collection basket, while half a liter is to accommodate the centrifuge product. The plastic containers are certified and there are no potentially dangerous substances such as BPA. 


Quick: In comparison with other models this stands out for the particular speed with which it is able to produce freshly made drinking juice. In just 5 seconds you can enjoy the finished product ready to be poured into glasses.

Solid materials: Stainless steel suitable for contact with food for the filter and internal components, BPA-free plastic for the containers and motor with cooling system are the essential features of this centrifuge.

Economical: The price is very attractive and for this reason it also boasts a large group of admirers who recommend the purchase.


Instructions are missing: Although assembly involves the same steps as in other centrifuges, those who have never had this type of accessory before may have some difficulties.

8. Ariete Centrika Metal Compact centrifuge MOD 173

Among the offers to consider in view of a purchase there is also this Ariete model. It does not stand out for its low price but for its overall good quality, both in terms of design and construction and the choice of materials.

It has a large enough entrance to insert most of the whole ingredients, the so-called apple fireplace. So there is no need to chop larger fruit like apples or oranges.

The shell is partly in stainless steel, with solid plastic elements. All the components directly in contact with food are made of stainless metal. So you can work with different ingredients, more or less acidic or rich in fiber without compromising the quality of the result or the resistance of the centrifuge.

It counts on a rather powerful motor, 700W. But it doesn’t have a cooling system, so there’s no need to push it too hard. Better to work a few ingredients at a time to obtain a pleasant result and extend the useful life of the centrifuge.


Compact: The dimensions are not excessive as it happens to other models on the market, yet the yield is optimal and allows you to prepare up to half a liter of juice at a time.

Easy cleaning: Provided you do not put anything in the dishwasher, cleaning is simple and does not require particular effort even to disassemble and reassemble the centrifuge.

Apple fireplace: This nice expression refers to the possibility of inserting whole fruit without having to cut it into very small parts.


Without a cooling system: It counts on a powerful 700-watt motor but there is no need to force it too much because you risk overheating the fruit and straining the mechanism.

How To Choose A Good Fruit Juicer?

To find the right centrifuge it is good to ask yourself the right questions. For example: how many people will use this precious appliance? What kind of ingredients do you plan to process? And above all, how much space do you have in the house?

How To Choose A Good Fruit Juicer?

This is also an aspect to consider because centrifuges are not minute objects. In addition, they are composed of many elements that must be assembled and disassembled from time to time, taking up space and which must be carefully cleaned. If the kitchen is really small, you should carefully evaluate which solution suits your needs.

Those who have a restaurant business, a bar or a small deli can think of adding this service for their customers. It is important to know what to expect from a good juicer in order to offer the best service.

How a centrifuge works?

Unlike the juice extractor, here it is a blade that acts on the fruit and vegetables. Its rotation, also different from the classic blender or robot, is so rapid as to give a strong push to the ingredients that due to the centrifugal force are separated into the solid component, the pulp, and the liquid one, the juice that you can drink when you want.

The speed that the group of blades can reach must be adjustable, in fact, it is essential to dose the force according to the consistency of the food. Softer, water-rich ones, such as watermelon or oranges, need a less potent threat than apples, carrots, or other firmer-fleshed ingredients.

Different elements, such as the filtering system and the waste and juice containers, combine to make the centrifuge effective in every step. The speed, in fact, makes fruit and vegetable particles splash everywhere. If the locking system is not perfectly airtight, there is a risk of making a big mess on the work surface.

What power should a centrifuge have?

To obtain this performance, the centrifuges have variable powers, the smallest and most compact have a power of about 300 watts, which can reach 1,000 watts in the models that can be used in professional contexts.

But what matters is to verify that the compartment that houses fruit and vegetables is large enough to be able to process all the desired ingredients at once. Otherwise, it will be useful to divide the load so as not to overload the motor.

An interesting element to look for in centrifuges to be used continuously is the cooling system of the engine block. This detail limits the overheating of the group to which the blades are fixed and consequently also of the ingredients to be transformed. The vitamins contained in fruit are sensitive to high temperatures, also for this reason it is important to avoid overloading the machine in order not to lose the nutritional properties of the juices obtained.

What a professional model does?

A good model to use in a hospitality business must support the ongoing workload well. Not all customers will ask for a spin at the same time, but if this happens you need to make sure the appliance can handle the strain.

Materials play an important role in ensuring good performance. For example, those models in which good use is made of stainless steel compatible with food contact are preferred.

This material has the advantage that it does not fear wear, does not wear out over time, and does not lose particles during its operation. Essential details to consider when you want to use the centrifuge frequently.

Frequent Questions

How to make a fruit juicer?

To obtain the desired result it is important to use a good centrifuge, in fact, it is not enough to filter a smoothie to obtain a similar drink. What matters is to choose a suitable machine, with the power suitable for the use that one imagines making of this instrument.

How does a fruit juicer work?

The centrifuge has a group of blades with a particular cut that captures the inserted fruit and shreds it into very small parts. But the real goal of the centrifuge is to separate the pulp from the juice of the processed ingredients. To do this, the basket rotates at such a speed as to separate the liquid from the solid part thanks to the action of the centrifugal force.

How to use the fruit waste from the centrifuge?

There are many useful recipes to follow to get good results with centrifuge waste. Wetter and richer in juice than a good juicer, this part of the process is perfect for making cookies, cakes, and even energy bars. There is no shortage of advice and suggestions on the net to experiment for yourself with the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

Which fruit juice helps you lose weight?

To lose weight you need to balance your diet and exercise. That said, it is possible to help yourself with ingredients that promote detoxification of the body and help rehydrate it. 

Among the main ingredients that cannot be missing in a good weight loss diet, there is certainly natural pineapple, cucumber, apple, and ginger which have precious properties useful for the body. But it is essential to remember that a varied diet rich in essential nutrients is the basis of a good metabolism that does not tend to accumulate excess fat.

Which recipes are good for athletes?

There are many useful recipes for athletes, in fact, the first centrifuges were proposed in the bars of the most fashionable gyms. The rule for athletes is to remineralize and rehydrate the body after exercising. So fruits such as apricots, kiwis, but also watermelon, and tomato are among the richest natural sources of minerals for muscle health.

How To Use A Fruit Juicer?

There are many well-tried recipes and combinations that can be copied to get all the benefits of fruit and vegetables directly for your body. But nothing prevents you from using the centrifuge to make seasonal fruit juices without exceeding the most eccentric combinations. 

juicing carrots 732x549 thumbnail

The rule is that overdoing these juices can be deleterious. In fact, higher concentrations of fruit sugars are assumed, mainly simple ones. These can drive up the glycemic spike otherwise counteracted by fiber intake.

Which vegetable to choose for the centrifuge

With the centrifuge you can use fruit and vegetables without distinction to obtain the desired result, balancing the nutrients or the final flavor to obtain a juice that is first of all healthy but also tasty. There are some exceptions, for example, it is not possible to centrifuge fruit that is too fibrous, such as mango for example, or almost without liquids such as bananas. 

An exception must also be made for potatoes, after all this is perhaps the only vegetable that cannot be eaten raw due to the possible presence of solanine free and not canceled by cooking. This substance naturally present in potatoes or aubergines is toxic and its intake could cause serious disturbances (not to mention that raw potatoes are not very inviting…).

Some centrifuges are able to process ginger, another food rich in fiber that slows down or hinders the action of the blades. But what matters is to break it into small pieces in order to be able to process it and thus not give up its special properties.

Prepare fruit juices for children

Children can be encouraged to consume fruit and vegetables by changing their appearance and making them more greedy. After all, the color and the scent of the ingredients remain lively and captivating much more than the simple fruit peeled and placed on the saucer.

Children need some stimulus to set out to discover new ingredients and flavors as their palate is in full swing. An advantage of the centrifuge is that you do not have to add other sugars as happens when you blend the fruit in the blender. The absence of fiber makes the sugar present in fruit immediately available to be immediately perceived by the mouth.

However, it must be remembered that the sugar intake must be controlled and limited, especially for the little ones, and that the juices thus obtained can have a high glycemic index, higher than the fruit consumed whole.

How To Choose The Best Recipes?


Personal taste is the best guide for choosing your favorite combinations. If you rely on a recipe book, you can do some experiments starting from tastes that have already been tested and therefore certainly successful. So it will be easier to experiment by combining unusual flavors to see what effect it has.

The risk, moreover, is very controlled. At best, irresistible new combinations will be discovered that cannot be done without.

Another element to consider is that mixing green leafy vegetables, vegetables, and fruit balances the presence of simple sugars compared to fruit juice alone. So the final result is even more nutritionally effective.

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