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How Long Does Grape Juice Last? 2nd Cool Fact Make You Surprise!!!!

How Long Does Grape Juice Last
How Long Does Grape Juice Last

Imagine a hot sunny afternoon, and you just came home after a long tiring day of work. You take a sip from your favorite pack of grape juice. But to your dismay, you find that it’s gotten awful and tastes horribly sour. Now that would be an utter disgrace!

At this moment you may have a question like how long does grape juice last. Generally, store-bought grape juice can last anywhere between a week to even months, depending on its shelf life and packaging standards. 

But it all comes down to how you’ve stored it and under what temperature.

Let’s dig deeper into learning more about the topic!

Defining Grape Juice

Grape juice is technically a pretty vague term. Here, the word “juice” can mean any drink with a fruit concentration of 100% to even less than 10%. 

The majority of store-bought grape juice brands usually have a certain percentage of actual fruit content. The rest is added sugar with preservatives to extend the shelf life.

On the other hand, homemade grape juice processed by a juicer or blender will have the full content of the grape and last for a much shorter time. There’s no designated shelf life in that case. 

Usually, grape juice made at home by centrifugal juicers can last 24 hours. And by using masticating juicers can stay good for up to 2 days at maximum. Grape juice processed by Twin Gear juicers claims to remain fresh for about 4 to 5 days.

Opened Grape Juice vs. Intact Grape Juice Box

There is another common question: how long does grape juice last after opening. Well, if you’ve already opened the pack of grape juice, many of the ingredients that are there to actually keep it fresh gradually start degrading. 

The organic fruit content is slightly acidic and starts getting affected by moisture when air-borne microbes take over. 

Opened grape juice usually lasts for about 5-7 days. Sealed or bottled grape juice can last up to 2 or 3 months under favorable conditions.

However, if the grape juice is left unopened, a lot of its preservative ingredients kick in and help keep it fresh for long.

In the Open vs. Inside the Fridge

An excellent way to understand the variability of grape juice life is by changing the storage conditions. Store-bought grape juice is made to be consumed rather slowly. 

So, the manufacturers put in enough food-grade preservatives to ensure that the juice doesn’t turn bad quickly. If you are now afraid about does grape juice goes bad if not refrigerated? Actually, every time you must assure that not only grape but any type of juice should keep in the freezer properly.

A pack of grape juice that has been adequately refrigerated will stay fresh for up to 10 days. 

Fun fact – if you freeze the grape juice by storing it inside your freezer, it can stay viable for more than 8-12 months. Just be sure to leave enough headspace (about half an inch) inside the juice bottle as liquids tend to expand under sub-zero temperatures.

How to Tell if the Grape Juice is Still Good?

Grape juice has a distinct taste that is loved by many. There’s also an aromatic smell of freshly squeezed grape juice that’ll entice you with a soothing sensation.

However, when grape juice has gone bad, you’ll know for sure as you can throw that taste and smell right out the window!

The rule of thumb is to just rely on your senses. Degraded grape juice will lose all its flavor, color, and aroma once it starts going bad. You’ll know that the juice is still good if you can smell that refreshing fragrance from it. 

If it gives off an odd odor or starts developing a moldy appearance, it’s best to avoid it. However, we do advise you to smell it first before going for the taste test, just to be safe from food poisoning.

As an alternative, if you still have the original box that the juice came in, check to see if it’s past the expiry date. 

Storing Grape Juice- The Right Way!

You bought your favorite pack of grape juice from the store just so you can enjoy drinking it for long, right? So why not learn how to store it properly?

Keep the juice pack refrigerated at all times if you’re not drinking it. Remember to seal the container properly to keep any contaminant microbes or moisture away from the contents inside. 

A safer option is to transfer the juice from the commercial packaging to a glass bottle with a tight cap before storing it inside the refrigerator. 

However, modern juice packaging with the latest TetraPak technology is also good enough to prevent unwanted contamination.

Can I Drink Expired Grape Juice? Will it Make Me Sick?

We would say a big fat NO! 

Drinking any form of grape juice that has an off odor or moldy appearance will result in nothing but bad news. You might end up developing diarrhea or severe stomachaches. 

If worst comes to worst, badly fermented grape juice can induce botulism in certain individuals, otherwise known as extreme food poisoning.

Food Safety Tips about Grape Juice

Here, we will share with you some tips and tricks about grape juice that we have found at different times in the kitchen. 

1. Don’t Leave the Grape Skin 

Grape juice with the fruit skin left in them can have a certain content of wild yeast. Although pretty nominal, that amount can lead to fermentation in stored grape juice if left untouched for an extended period. As a result, old grape juice can start to turn into wine. Want to know “How to make juice from red grape?”

2. Drink the Juice as Early as Possible

Freezing grape juice can have the taste and aroma intact for a long while. But the nutrients inside the liquid will have degraded. The sub-zero temperatures are not actually effective in preserving nutrients like vitamins and minerals. We suggest drinking the juice by not taking too many days.

3. Using Ascorbic Acid

A practical but controversial process of preserving grape juice is by spraying it with ascorbic acid. This acid helps to last your juice for a long time. Most of the time it is used in canned meats, fruit juice, cereals, and frozen fruits.

4. Never Keep Grape Juice in Room Temperature

Thawing the frozen bottles of grape juice before consumption is always a good idea. Just remember not to leave thawed grape juice at room temperature for too long as it can go bad in a matter of a few hours! 

Some FAQs You Must Know

How long does it take grape juice to ferment?

Answer: The total time of fermentation is at least 4 weeks. Mainly it depends on temperature and juice sugar content. 

Is it safe to drink fermented grape juice?

Answer: NO! It’s dangerous to drink fermented grape juice. Don’t you dare to compare it with wine? The process of making wine is quite hard. Resource Click Here.

Does grape juice go bad if not refrigerated?

Answer: The US Food and Drug Administration says, you can leave your juice at room temperature for only two hours. So, build a good practice to keep your juice in the fridge all the time.

How long does fresh squeezed grapefruit juice last?

Answer: Freshly squeezed grape juice will last 6-5 hours at room temperature. To extend the life, refrigerate it with a covered glass or plastic container. You can now enjoy the juice for about 2 to 3 days.

Is Simply Grapefruit Juice good for you?

Answer:  After reading tons of customer reviews and expert suggestions, we have found that this juice is not that good for you. If you are a juice lover and want to enjoy it then buy the best juicer for grapes.

Final Thoughts on How Long Grape Juice Lasts

Mi Amigo, enjoy your favorite grape juice without the fear of developing stomach issues. Just be sure to follow the simple guidelines about storing grape juice properly and mind the expiry date.

Stick to any storage instructions on the juice pack as advised by the manufacturers. Remember, food safety is always essential!

Though if you have any doubts about how long does grape juice last, please ask us in the comment section below. We will answer you in the meantime. 

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