How To Make Orange Juice From Frozen Concentrate? The Best 5 Ways To Do!!!

How To Make Orange Juice From Frozen Concentrate

You get to be up at 7 am tomorrow and energize yourself for the day ahead with a flavorsome glass of your favorite orange juice.

Because being a juice lover, you know nothing goes well with breakfast than a pitcher of fresh orange juice. But wait! Here’s a catch! 

You have got frozen orange juice concentrate in your freezer, but you dunno how to make juice out of it, right?

Not to worry! Most of the juice lovers reading this article right away might be getting through the same sort of trouble as ya.

And that’s why I’m over here to get you rid of this problem within the next 10 minutes

In 2019-20, approximately 532,000 metric tons of orange juice were consumed domestically in the USA. And the current worldwide market of orange juice is more than 2.3 billion USD.

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Sounds unbelievable, huh? With that so many people drinking juice, it’s not a wonder that you’re looking for solutions to make your juice from frozen concentrate. 

In this article, I’m going to walk you through the simple 5 step process of how to make orange juice from frozen concentrate. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into the business!

What Is Concentrated Orange Juice?

You can make concentrated orange juice by squeezing the juice out of a great number of fresh oranges to increase its shelf life.

To turn the juice into concentrate, you need to extract a large percentage of the water from fresh orange juice by heating it, concentrating the juice gradually. And, the concentrate is then frozen.

How To Make Orange Juice From Frozen Concentrate

The juice is then pasteurized to make sure it stays fresh for a long period of time.

Before consuming the concentrate, you will have to add additives like sugar and water to make your concentrate drinkable.

The steps to make orange juice from frozen concentrate are as follows:

Step 1:

First off, to melt the frozen concentrate, place it under a faucet in the sink for around 5-10 minutes so that it can come out of its can easily.

Step 2:

Eliminate one end of the metal can and put the concentrate into a container.

If the concentrate doesn’t come out of the can, consider placing the sides of the can into warm water to loosen it.

Step 3:

Look at the directions on the can carefully and add water accordingly. If you make the concentrate at home, or if the can doesn’t contain directions, then mix three parts of water with one part of the concentrate.

Step 4:

Mix the water and concentrate well together with a large spoon.

You can cut the concentrate into small pieces with the edge of the spoon to liquefy it quickly. 

The ratio of concentrate to water depends on your personal taste. So use accordingly.

Step 5:

Keep on stirring the mixture until the concentrate dissolves completely.

Congrats! You are done. Now, pour the juice into a tall glass, serve it with a straw, and enjoy!

The Advantages Of Using Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice:

  • Frozen concentrated orange juice extends the shelf life of the juice up to 2 years if kept in the freezer.
  • It is easy to carry anywhere. Plus, it makes shipping and storage more economical.
  • It is less expensive than refrigerated juice.
  • It takes up less space until reconstituted as well. 
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Is Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice Healthy?

Though fresh orange juice contains a significant number of carotenoids, that doesn’t mean that our intestines can absorb them.

Studies also suggest that these two compounds might prevent you from some severe diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, and atherosclerosis.

At last, these carotenoids also have cosmetic benefits. Because they protect you against ultraviolet damage and help to keep your skin healthy. (Grape Juice Also Has same benefit.)

They ensure your optimum visual health as well. Frozen juice from concentrate also provides your body with relatively plenty of water per serving, keeping you hydrated.

So, the best way to fully reap the benefits out of your orange juice is to drink frozen orange juice. Because frozen orange juice is considered healthier than fresh.

Does storage temperature affect orange juice acidity?

Do you love your morning glass of orange juice? You’re not alone! Orange juice consumption has been on the rise over the last few years.

In fact, in 2011 Americans drank just under 18 gallons per capita, or about 1/3 more than they did back in 2000.

But does storage temperature affect orange juice acidity? The short answer is yes!

Lemonade lovers may think that their favorite drink doesn’t have any pH levels to worry about because it’s already citrus-based.

But if you store lemons at room temperature for an extended period of time, then this will certainly change and cause a lower pH level which can lead to spoilage (and a sour taste).

The same is true for oranges. In addition to the pH level, acidity can also impact flavor and color.

The best way to store citrus fruits is in a fridge or on ice if you want them close at hand!

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Is orange juice concentrate the same as orange juice?

The juice made from concentrate is the real fruit juice, undoubtedly.

But, what sets it apart from the fresh orange juice is that it was processed; for example, the water content is evaporated after extracting it out of the real fruit like orange or lemon by heating or vacuuming. 

Then, the juice can also be dried up to make a powder called juice concentrate.

How bad is concentrated juice?

If you fail to make your juice out of 100% pure fruit concentrate, which doesn’t contain any added sugar or preservatives, it may cause great damage to your health in the long run. 

It can also pose a great threat to your health by developing type II diabetes and weight gain. Plus, it hardly provides you with any nutritional value.

How can the sugar level in oranges be measured?

Something which is known as the “Brix scale” is used to measure sugar levels in oranges by the industry.

While Frozen Orange Juice Concentrate is sold to consumers, the Brix level is around 42.

But once you add water to make juice from the concentrate, the Brix level decreases to around 11 or 12.

How much water should you add to frozen orange juice concentrate?

Well, typically, a 355 ml can of frozen orange juice concentrate requires 3 cans of water. Which will make around 1.42 liters or 6 cups of juice.

Is fresh orange juice better than concentrate?

It would be best if you go for fresh orange juice as it is rich in essential vitamins than concentrated orange juice.

Though Juice from concentrate can provide you with some nutritional quality, it loses some of its nutrients over the course of processing.

Is it cheaper to buy frozen juice concentrate?

Yes, frozen juice concentrate is generally less expensive to make the orange juice at home.

Final Words:

Okay, there you have it, folks. Hopefully, you have got a crystal clear idea about how to make orange juice from frozen concentrate and many more things related to this topic.

So, what’re you waiting for? Just get to the kitchen and prepare your desired orange juice.

And, did I miss anything in the article? Please, let me know in the comment box below so I can update the article further for your convenience. Happy juicing, spread goodness, thanks!!!

Here are some tips on how to make orange juice from without juicer.


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