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Angel Juicer
Angel Juicer

Are you planning to buy a juicer? Then be sure to check out the legendary Angel Juicer.
A juicer with the highest juice yield made of 100% stainless steel makes it one of the best juicers in the world! The Angel Juicer is by far the most productive juicer you can buy for home use.


Angel Juicer is Made in Korea

Angel Juicer, product and manufacturer name in one, stands for pressing the best juices in raw food quality. The roots of the Korean company go back to the 1970s. The company’s founder, Mun-Hyon Lee, developed and patented the principle of the twin press rollers. Due to the patent protection, other horizontal juicers work with a roller, which in conclusion also reduces their yield. The company still sticks to the original concept today. Ongoing optimization and decades of experience are clearly noticeable in the nutrient content and the juice yield.

Angel Juicer devices stand for pressing the best juices in raw food quality.

Customers all over the world swear by the Angel Juicer and benefit from 30% more juice yield than an ordinary juicer.

angel juicer


Using the highest quality stainless steel, the handcrafted Angel Juicer guarantees long and lasting durability.

Without the use of plastic, the construction corresponds to the latest state of knowledge and is therefore very easy to keep clean and, above all, is particularly hygienic!


The twin press rollers work very effectively and are excellent at juicing both soft fruit (pineapple, apples, tomatoes, oranges, etc.) and hard-pressed material (leafy vegetables, roots, herbs, sprouts). By filtering a 3-stage sieve, the juice yield (pure juice) is maximized up to three times compared to other devices. The Angel Juicer is not only excellent for juicing, but it can also be used to make nut butter, fruit sorbet, soy milk, and tofu.


  • 100% Stainless Steel: The main parts (Twin Gear Set, Housing Filter, Splash Guard) of Angel Juicer AG-8500S are made of surgical grade stainless steel (SUS-316). Stainless steel is durable, hygienic, and easy to clean. And it also gives off a beautiful, luxurious look. Surgical-grade is more hygienic and resistant to salt-based chemicals.
  • Anti-Jamming Auto-Reverse Function: If there is an overload, a safety mechanism which will stop the motor when it jams. This is to prevent overloading or damaging to the motor. With an event of a jam, the motor needs to be reversed for a few seconds to move the jammed ingredients backwards. The AG-8500 automates this process while AG-5500 gets this done manually.
  • SHG (Shattering Helical Gear) Technology: 3 HP Grinding Force. 82 RPM. The secret to the superior performance of Angel is SHG technology. The amount of nutrients extracted depends on how thoroughly a juicer is able to grind. With over 35 years of accumulated research and development, the Angel Juicers can extract fiber juice, which contains rich nutrition hidden deep inside the cellulose.
  • LSCS (Low Speed Cone Screw) and MSE (Multi Step Extracting) Technology: LSCS and MSE technology used to get more nutrition as well as more juice from fruits and vegetables. High speed blades and gears of ordinary juicers cannot crush fibers and often destroy nutrients with the heat they generate. Angel Juicers utilize LSCS technology to deliver more nutrients by thoroughly crushing fibers while producing less heat.
  • Ease of Use & Clean: The Angel is easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. You can get the device apart in three easy steps, and all the parts are 100% dishwasher proof.
  • 6 Built-in Safety Features: 1. Operation is only possible if the device is fully assembled 2. Switch on the back prevents accidental activation via the digital control 3. Built-in thermostat prevents overheating. 4. Built-in clutch to prevent damage to engine when a knife, bell or other object ends up in the input shaft. 5. Double protection against electric shocks from switch 6. Isolation between engine and chassis against electric shocks.
  • Automatic Press Force: Using smart technology the Angel automatically determines the required press force to get the maximum amount of juice from fruits and vegetables.
  • Versatile: In addition to vegetables, fruits, and wheatgrass, the Angel can also help prepare delicious nut butters (additional accessories needed), tofu and milk from seeds, almonds and (soy) beans.
  • Quiet Motor: With its strong engine, the Angel makes a low and relaxed sound.
  • Long Lasting Juice: The cold pressing with the powerful 3 horsepower motor and 86 rpm ensures minimal friction and prevents heat buildup. There is little oxygen in the fluid, resulting in a beautiful, pulp-free, "live" juice, which can be stored for up to 48 hours in the refrigerator.

The Rolls Royce of juicers! Customer satisfaction is almost 100%. Customers who consciously chose the Angel Juicer are absolutely thrilled. In our tests, too, the Angel took first place in the area of ​​juice yield. Furthermore, we rarely record any failures or warranty cases. The Angel Juicer really is the best horizontal twin drum juicer out there right now!


The Angel Juicer features LSCS™ and MSE™ technology. This means it has a much higher yield of vital substances than any other twin-roller, single-screw, or centrifugal juicer. In this way, they achieve significantly higher effectiveness for their health.

The concentration of calcium & magnesium, for example, is up to 5 times higher compared to other juicers!


The Angel 5500, Angel 7500, and Angel 8500S models are used in alternative therapies thanks to the quality of the pressed juice.
Due to its high juice yield and resilience, the Angel Juicer is the perfect device for juice cleanses or juice therapy.

It is also a leader in cold pressing and is also a slow juicer because, thanks to the few revolutions per minute, it leaves the nutrients of fruits and vegetables untouched. Through the combination of the patented twin press roller system, the powerful motor, and the three-stage juicing sieve, the Angel Juicer can easily grind cellulose fibers and break open the cell walls of fruit and vegetables to bring the nutrients contained in them into the juice.

twin gear juicer


To ensure effective and efficient juicing, the fruit and vegetables are first pureed (roughly broken up), then mixed, and finally pressed. This creates a very dry pomace and the resulting juice yield is very high.

Again at a glance:

  • 1st stage: pureeing.
  • 2nd stage: mixing.
  • 3rd stage: pressing.


Thanks to a 3-stage sieve system, the juice yield of pure juice is maximized up to three times compared to other devices.
The 3-stage universal sieve processes almost all types of fruit and vegetables. At 43 mm, the Angel Juicer’s filling opening is one of the largest compared to other twin-gear juicers. In comparison, the filling opening of the Angel Juicer, at 43 mm, is one of the largest among twin-roller juicers.

The Angel Juicer has a total of 7 safety devices.

  1. Operation is only possible when the device is fully assembled.
  2. Automatic reverse in case of overfilling (only on models 7500 & 8500S).
  3. Integrated thermostat against overheating.
  4. Power switch (on the back of the device).
  5. Protection against electric shock (insulation between motor and housing).
  6. Double protection against electric shock by the power switch.
  7. Protection of the engine by the built-in clutch (if an impermissible object lands in the hopper, e.g. spoon).


With only 65 decibels, i.e. normal conversation volume, the Angel Juicer ensures low-noise operation and makes juicing easier for you. Thanks to a unique engine cooling system, a high pressing power (3 HP) can be achieved despite the low engine power (180 W). This means that they not only juice quietly but also very sparingly!

Not only easy to use but also easy to clean. Handling when disassembling the stem, which consists of 4 parts, is easy. Thanks to the new design, the Angel Juicer can be cleaned quickly and with little effort.


The fine sieve is part of the standard scope of delivery of an Angel Juicer. This strainer is ideal for preparing green juices from fibrous ingredients such as wheatgrass, spinach, or celery. Even harder ingredients such as root vegetables or apples are no problem with the fine sieve. Furthermore, the supplied fine sieve can also produce mixed juices (a combination of hard and soft ingredients).

Angel Juicer attachment closed

The fine sieve is ideal for pureeing and homogenizing one or more ingredients. This allows you to use the Angel Juicer to make nut butter, nut puree, baby food, sorbets, hummus, or vegetarian spreads.

With the coarse puree sieve (grinding sieve), you can also grind grains or coffee beans without any problems. The shape of the Angel Juicer is exactly the same shape as the standard juicer body, but with stainless steel panels in place of a mesh screen.

Angel Juicer Attachment Coarse

Faster and easier juicing of your ingredients. A useful addition to your Angel Juicer. You can use it to easily and effectively juice soft ingredients such as pineapple, grapes, melon, tomatoes, cucumbers, or floury apples. Enjoy their juice!

The manufacturer gives a 5-year guarantee on all components for the private use of the Angel Juicer. If you use the Angel Juicer commercially, there is a 1-year guarantee. A big advantage is that the importer is based in Germany (Bad Homburg vs/Hessen). Therefore, there should be no problems with any warranty or guarantee cases.

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